Age 21 – NoFap got me accepted to one of the best medical schools in the world


I applied to medical school this past summer, and was fortunate enough to receive about 10 interview invitations from some amazing schools. Unfortunately, I’m a naturally shy and introverted person, and I was pretty boring too if I’m being completely honest. I repeatedly received rejections and waitlists after my interviews, and I’m convinced that my nonexistent charisma and lack of passion were responsible.

I happened to start NoFap about two months before my final interview at a school that happened to be my top choice, and in those two short months I underwent some truly profound changes. I started living a healthier lifestyle, began making a ton of friends, explored a bunch of activities that I’d always been too lazy or cowardly to try, gained a true sense of confidence in who I am, obtained an appreciative and positive outlook on life, and got in touch with my emotions and my true motivations for pursuing medicine.

I connected with my interviewers at that school in ways that I’d never done before, and put my personality on full display which I hadn’t done in previous interviews. I shared my passions with them, listened deeply to everything they had to say, allowed myself to be emotional and vulnerable, and generally came off as an interesting and confident person.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I was almost 100% sure that I’d receive an acceptance from that school, and sure enough, I got my acceptance letter a few weeks later. If I hadn’t started NoFap, I’d undoubtedly have interviewed with the same low-energy and boring personality that had failed me at other schools, and the trajectory of my entire life would have been dramatically different. Instead, I’ll be attending a top-3 medical school in the US, and I fully intend on continuing to avoid PMO so I can take full advantage of the unbelievable opportunity I now have to make the world a better place.

I’m 21. I started NoFap almost by accident. I just realized that I hadn’t PMO’d in a few days and started noticing some dramatic social benefits, so I figured I’d just stick with it to see what happened!

To everyone who has made this such an inspiring and life-changing community: thank you.

LINK – NoFap got me accepted to one of the best medical schools in the world. Thank you.

By AnonFutureMD