Age 21 – These last 3 months have been the most spectacular months of my adulthood

I am a 21 year old man and I, like most men, used to masturbate very frequently (2-3 times a day on average) while watching pornographic content. However, about 3 months ago, I decided that I would give that up and try something new. After the first few days I felt like I wasn’t going to succeed, but I kept it together and continued my streak. After about two weeks, I no longer had any urge to watch porn or masturbate. I was a free man.

Since then, my life has constantly been on the uptick. Time savings wasn’t the only good effect. I’ve been able to sleep better, work longer, socialize more, etc. My confidence has soared. I can talk to people (especially women) without any fears or discomforts. I am completely comfortable in my own skin. Everyday I get up feeling happier and ready to conquer.

I know that there are studies that show masturbation is linked to better health, but for some reason those studies don’t apply to me. My lifestyle was not healthy at all. I was always groggy, always looking for porn as soon as I made it home, always desiring to be alone just so I could not be interrupted while watching. I would put off or rush through tasks just so I had more time to peruse porn websites. This was, in hindsight, not even close to healthy. It was destructive both mentally and physically. I just didn’t realize it, because I thought it was just a normal thing that all men did. But, man has been around for hundreds of thousands of years without access to a computer and porn. By that understanding, there is no way we can consider slouching over a computer screen normal.

But now I am no longer desiring to be alone. I enjoy spending time with other people. I no longer desire to watch porn. I appreciate pure feminine beauty much more. I no longer feel tired or unfulfilled. I wake up happy and go to bed happy. I no longer waste unnecessary time. I make daily goals and complete them with satisfaction. I am finding success in every aspect of my life.

These last 3 months have been the most spectacular months of my adulthood. I can’t wait for the 1 year mark. I hope what I shared here will impact even a small percentage of men to try the same thing and see if it benefits them in any way.

Tl;dr: Not masturbating or watching porn for 3 months has has a massive positive impact on my life. I hope some men here can get motivated enough to try this. Good luck.

LINK – The brilliant effects of 3 months of not fapping

by tossout124