Age 21 – This is my second and last reboot. Almost succesfully healed from ED again.

I am now currently in my second AND LAST! reboot. I am never watching porn again and i think i am never going to masturbate ever again. I always had severe PIED. My first sexual experience was at 16. From age 16 to age 21 i had non-succesful sex with different girls. I hated myself and was very depressed. I also developed disgusting fetishes to keep being aroused enough by porn.

in my first reboot i went 125 days, after one week i got into a flatline it was really creepy because u don’t feel anything down there and your libido is gone. this went on for 3 weeks. on day 55 i had sex with a girl with a 60% erect penis and i came really quick, not fully successful but a really big improvement so i was happy. eventually after day85 i started to feel great, i noticed that i was hungry for life, sex and love, i started talking to girl and became more confident. lots of morning wood and some spontaneous erections. from day 90 to day 110 i had some really good sex with like 4 girls and every time my erections were getting better and better, i felt like a sex god. from day 110 to day 120 i was on a holiday in Spain and i met what i thought was the girl of my life, se was a really sexy Spanish girl. we had sex for 3 days straight! unfortunately i had to go back home and when i was home she told me she loved being with me but she don’t want to be in a long-distance relationship. she didn’t talk to me anymore….i also got a bit cocky because i felt so great when fucking al these hot girls…. too much confidence got the best of me and i…..

relapsed at day 125, fapped 2 times o porn. 6 weeks later still fapping on porn….. after that 6 weeks i met a really nice girl, a friend of my big group of friends. it started all as a really fun night and i took her home i tried to have sex with her but i failed miserably, couldn’t get it up , no response at all………. i was INSTANT DEPRESSED and got straight into a flatline again…. I hated myself for failing 6 weeks straight…. the ED was back again… and that girl told al my friends about the failure so that was fucked up 2.

AT THIS POINT I TRULY PROMISED MYSELF NEVER TO WATCH PORN AGAIN!. all the time i knew pmo was the problem an caused ED, social anxiety, lack of confidence etc etc etc but still sometimes my brain said to me that i can watch a little porn and i can pmo ones in a couple of days. your mind tricks u every time…. but if u really experience an EYE OPENER like this then your brain cant fool you anymore and then u will truly now what is best for yourself. u really have to believe in your goal for 100% percent or else it wont work


flatline until day 35, libido was low until day 55-60 or so. on day 60 i had sex with a girl and my penis was (again) 70% hard and i came reeeeeeealy quick. now i am at day 73 and i feel the hunger for life again. great morning wood last couple of days and 2 days ago i danced with a girl in a club and my penis was hard for 15 minute straight! yes I’m starting to heal again 🙂

I will NEVER EVER watch porn again and i will masturbate very rarely.

WHY? 1) If you want to be hunter that is hungry for life.  2) If you want improved concentration, energy, social skills, confidence etc etc etc. 3) If You want to cure ED

  1. staying abstinence for 90-120 days is a must! your brain has to reset and completely learn how to be aroused again by normal girls and real touch/sex.
  2. rewire with a girl is a must but i doesn’t have to be sex, you learn the best by touch, kissing and cuddling. also i you do have sex be really slow and try to have sex multiple times. your erection gets better every time. u HAVE to met girls in real life and practice makes perfect
  3. if u ever have experienced PIED you can NEVER watch porn again if you want a healthy sex life
  4. one little relapse will give u a HUGE setback! so don’t do it, my failure after my successful reboot had let me to 80 days and still pending of waiting to be cured again…..
  5. when your libido is restored urges will get stronger, don’t let your brain trick you. i constantly questioned myself if i could never watch porn again and i just couldn’t believe that i cant but eventually porn is not an option anymore and u will NOT miss it. BELIEVE ME
  6. if u developed a disturbing fetish and your sexual taste has really changed into something that is not ‘normal’ sex then rewiring to normal sex takes a lot longer , abstinence i really important and don’t fantasize about your fetishes!
  7. get out there live your life, make friends, eat and drink well and get of that couch, u will feel so much better.

life is better when don’t jack off

LINK – this is my second and last reboot. almost succesfully healed from ED again (tips)

by Ricksen