Age 21 – This shit will change your life. To anyone out there considering nofap, do it for a month

Last year, I was at the point in my life where I decided I was sick of porn. From the age of 14 I jerked my dick every single day with a few exceptions such as family vacations. I’m 21 now.

When I was 20 my roommate introduced me to the idea of nofap. I thought he was a fucking weirdo honestly. But one day I saw it mentioned again and got curious. The first post I saw was about someone’s social anxiety being cured after 30 days. Of course, I thought there was no way not watching porn could do this. But I said fuck it.

I’ve never been socially anxious but I was definitely a little bit awkward. What really had me sold was the “superpowers” of girls noticing you. Up until this point, I had only hooked up with a few girls and was still a virgin. So I decided there was no pain in trying. I was sick of stroking my own dick anyways.

By day 30, I felt like a new fucking person. College had just started up again for fall semester and I could feel the change in me more than ever. I would go out to bars, meet girls, and have no boundaries for anything I did or said. When people say that they feel like a different person, they mean it.

Fast forward a few weeks, I got a random DM on Instagram from a girl I met. She literally wanted my dick so bad she drove an hour and a half to come see me. I came within a minute but fuck it. I’ve fucked 5 girls since then. My voice is deeper. I took time to go to the gym and be productive. I lost 30 pounds. I made new friends. All in 100 days.

This shit will change your life. To anyone out there considering nofap, do it for a month. Fuck porn, it’ll always be there. Good luck boys

LINK – My 100 day journey