Age 21 – Two consecutive months (out of 9): I’ve never been so happy

Finally after 30 days I’m writing this post with hope to encourage you guys. And also because it’s much easier and pleasant than writing an essay that I’ve been assigned.

I started my adventure with nofap 9 months ago. I had my first attempt in August or July last year – during these months I’ve reseted my badge 40 times. At the beginning it was hard, eventually somehow I managed to last a week, then obviously fail – but I continuously extended my streak, first it was week, followed by a week of PMO and daily relapsing, then it was 2 weeks, and so on. I remember a few of my longest streaks, it was 1 week, then it was 28 days, then it was 45 days. As I said, each of these periods were followed by a week or two of constant relapsing after a day or two.

Now I know deep inside, that I’m going to achieve 90 days.

I feel much more energetic (started lifting&running again), confident and social – but this is all obvious stuff you’ve read thousand times. I just want to say that NoFap is the best thing that has happened to me. I’m really glad I found this subreddit, I’ve never been this happy, or this confident. I even desire social contact and like socializing – something like this I’ve never experienced, I haven’t even dreamed about it. The change is truly awesome. My life is far from being the way I want it to be, but I have energy to improve it and I see progress – it’s incredibly exciting. If you have doubts, you have to know it is totally worth it.

Some tips that I found helpful (you probably read them somewhere anyways, it’s nothing new).

  1. If you have history of relapses – read this post –
  2. I found K9 immensely helpful – you want to succeed? Just block the porn. (I know it’s not that easy and you always can access it, just make it harder)
  3. Positive affirmations – Google it, make your own, tell yourself you are a person that doesn’t masturbate and stuff like that. It was useful for me.
  4. Meditation – if you have some intense urge – turn of the computer and meditate for 20 minutes. Works well.
  5. Do some sports.
  6. Eliminate triggers. In example, in the past I would often fail while taking the shower – pissed off as I was, I made the decision to take cold showers. As a result, I haven’t relapsed since then.

I guess that everything that comes up to my mind right now. I hope it will help some of you. Cheers guys.

LINK – 2 months. I’ve never been so happy; NoFap changed my life; motivation to those who are struggling.

by falafin