Age 21 – Two things nofap has done for me: it’s blazed up my passion and instincts.

Seriously guys. About 3-4 months ago I left Ireland and moved to Hong Kong on my own. I’ve barely even touched my dick since then, though I’ve had a couple wet dreams and shit.

When I first left, I was harshly crippled we social anxiety and self-consciousness. I thought just finding any soul on the planet to love me would be something to settle for. I’ve always thought of myself as inadequate for some reason. I just never thought girls would like me. though I’ve had a couple girlfriends, I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time. I’m still a 21 yr old virgin btw. Though I must admit, you wouldn’t know it. My mental game is jus to fucking solid now.

I started lifting weights and bodybuilding about 16 months ago, and although That helped a little with my confidence, it took me no where neaaar where I needed to be mentally to actually consider myself CONFIDENT.

Before I continue with negatives, let me just say… Now I’m a fucking boss. My voice is deep and I can use it to demonstrate my presence. Girls fucking love me, though to be honest, I really figured out that I can’t just hook up with girls.feels empty and too superficial. So I’m working on making something happen with this girl in particular. She’s fucking 10/10 and I’m so strongly infatuated. After the third time I met her, I couldn’t get her out of my head from then on. The following week was agonizing, because she’s was gone and every second thought in my head was of her… Blah blah that’s another story. But yo… Trust me. I’m making this happen.

Sooooo… Nofap. Let me tell you why this changed everything. I just eventually managed to figure out that life isn’t bout all the shit you see on tv, or even about what anybody says. When I eventfully started to get my current streak properly rolling, all these thoughts came to me and I swear they were embedded in my genetics, just waiting till I earned them before they enlightened me. Life’s doesn’t have to be the bogus rat race that modern humanity illy thrives off. It can just be about following your passions daily. And if there are any two things I claim nofap has done for me, it’s that it blazed up my passion and instincts… ahh.. I don’t even know how to get the message across… I just hope you guys know that masturbating is bullshit…

At this stage I feel like, if any man has a duty, it’s to carry the weight of his balls and to use them against hardships. I hope somebody gets something from this..

Sorry I can’t really write in a linear, clear fashion. I just feel quite overwhelmed with things to say. So many thoughts.

Hope everybody is doing well

LINK – I’ve grown up so much, and I’m becoming so much stronger. No matter what anybody says, I know it wouldn’t be the same if I was still PMOing

by Nuts_unbusted