Age 21 – Was depressed and couldn’t connect with people

I am a 21yo male. This has been the longest clean streak in my life thus far. It did not, however, happen by itself. I reached a point in my life where I felt completely unable to connect with others. My impulse control was out of the window, and I would surf the internet mindlessly for days on end. I was beyond depressed and started thinking about suicide daily.

Somewhere, thankfully, I reached a point where I could no longer take it anymore. I snapped. The change wasn’t immediate. Things got worse. Yet I knew that either I change and improve and become a man, or I fap and hide away my twenties only to wake up later with regret. If I died tomorrow, what legacy would I be leaving behind?

Today I can honestly say I am happy, able to connect with others and truly contribute to their lives. I am no longer driven by my impulses.

These are the things that got me here:

  1. Accountability partner who you look up to ( and complete honesty!)
  2. 30 days of discipline
  3. No fantasizing! This for me is one of the most important ones.
  4. NoFap
  5. Heavy, daily exercise
  6. Faith that things will only get better

I feel that as a male, it is a part of my nature to want to conquer challenges set before me. I see Pornfree and NoFap as one of the “initiations” which sets me apart from being a boy. My confidence, sense of humor and general mental strength has also increased profoundly. I am no longer content with just sitting around, I want to explore and overcome and live!

I hope this helps whoever is reading this in some way! Good luck everyone on this journey with me!

LINK – How I overcame addiction and how you can, too!

by occasional_warrior 50 days