Age 21 – Was skeptical…..Now completely convinced.

I had started this nofap thing a few months ago, saw minimal results, and relapsed back to the pronz two times. After failing to get it up again and again (and wasting $400 on an escort haha not my best moment that was the most embarrassing event of my life).

I realized I had more of a mental/psychological ED. Had I not been so attached to porn at such a young age, I would have lost my virginity years ago. The opportunities were there but I could never get hard for a real girl just the pronz.

I’m 21 now, almost 22 and I’m about 2 months into my new lifelong campaign: no more liquor (ever), no more bud, shrooms, and especially no more pronz lol. On this new regime,

  • I have never felt better in my life.
  • Girls at college and everywhere else stand out more.
  • I actually catch myself checking out the womenz EVERYWHERE.
  • It’s like my libido is going back into overdrive. It is one of the best feelings knowing your true sex drive is back; girls I would have not felt anything for on porn now look incredible.
  • I hold conversations better than I used to.
  • I figured out what I want to major in, and what I want to do with my life.
  • People actually strike up conversations with me. I’ve somehow grown the balls to do the same (was always shy af and fat).
  • Girls seem more attracted to me.
  • It’s almost like the zest of life has returned.
  • My gains are improving in the gym. I’ve never been in better shape.

And most recently, I’ve been getting morning wood again, but was getting discouraged as my flatline had been lasting a long time and still kind of is. But last night I had a vivid sexual dream, and it became the first wet dream of my life, which has prompted me to write this long (sorry I know, but I gotta tell someone about this lol) report.

I know I’m on the road to true recovery and I can say with full confidence that this nofap is real. The results are real. And I think more people need to be made aware of the damaging effects of porn. The haze it creates in your mind for real life is a scary thing, and I’m glad I discovered this community. It truly has been life changing.

The struggle is real ladies and gentleman, and so is nofap, placebo or not. So basically, this sh*t works!

LINK – Was skeptical…..Now completely convinced.

by nurselockard