Age 21 – Why has my body changed so much after 10 months?

6 years I have been training boxing and bodybuilding. I have never got any muscularity or veiny hands. After 10 months of NoFap attempts (longest 39 days streak) I have made the body I always dreamed of! My legs are finally thinner than my waist. My back and shoulder and arms are lean and bigger than the rest of my body. I have literally no fat on my pelvic, there are even veins. My hands are veiny and my sport endurance is amazing. I lost 10 kg (22 pounds), from 90 to 80, withouth and diet. I was eating healthy before NoFap.

I did my research and I believe that this happened because before NoFap I was spending all my sexual energy in masturbation and porn binge arousal. Maybe now I have learned to transfer it into reading and working as a construction worker. What do you think?

thread – Someone explain this to me

by Aquarius