Age 21 – Woah, 4 months later and its better than expected

And I am different from before. A lot cleaner and a little more tired than usual, but for the most part, I enjoy being alone when I do have the chance.

90 Days Hardmode. AMA

EDIT: For anyone glancing over this topic, please check out ‘No more Mr. Nice Guy’ by Ronald Glover. I was referred to this book and it changed my life for the better benefit.

LINK – 90 Days Later…

by Loelin


LINK – Oh, yeah. I’m 21 years old.

I wanted to quit because I realise that my life was caught in this huge cycle of PM, Meeting a beautiful woman, and spazing out when I try to ask her any sexual questions. I remembered one time that I had the perfect girl who I studied with in college and even though we could talk about anything (like ANYTHING, including human feces) I failed to take it to the next level. I was sure it was not the fault of attraction, because she was seriously interested in me. More or less, this plus other situations where I had no reason to pussy out were the reasons I joined NoFap.

My porn history was almost not even there on my computers. I would usually go incognito and [nsfw] (look at one video to the next, starting from ebony vids and ending in some really defiling stuff like scat or vomit) . The worst part of what I was doing was that I was hiding it a little too well, blaming on viruses and using proxies.

This subreddit community is helping me the most, where your success stories and your Emergency Relapse Tool motivate me to go through the extra mile. Also, my brother installed an access point where he can check on what I am doing online… So there is that thing.


LINK – Woah, 4 months later and its better than expected

If you met me four months ago, you would consider myself a real slob. Fapping away, messy room, no end goals, unmotivated, unfocused on anything.

120 days later, I cleaned up my act, I read books faster than I ever had before, and I enjoying myself as well as the company of others

Don’t Give Up, trust your true instincts, Fapstronauts.