Age 22 – 100 days (ED): huge changes in my life

Hey all, congrats to all the fapstronauts in keeping their hands away from their pants, its freaking hard!!. I have finally reached that day where i can proudly say that i have abstained for a full 100 days of no pmo. The journey was beautiful but i am still at the beginning of this route and I have a long way to go, but the fact that i am in the right direction, just keeps me motivated.

Here are some changes that have happened in my life:

  1. Motivation : this is huge, I readily want to do task that is assigned to me, earlier I was the dude who used to do things in the last minute.
  2. Happier : I find happiness in all the smallest things in life, like for eg. my dinner for the night, or the people who I am gonna meet, just a lot of excitement.
  3. Willpower : this come with practice, fighting the urges were difficult at first, with time I was able to master it. This willpower gives me the courage to tackle all the hurdles in life.
  4. Love : I was a zombie, literally, i had no feelings, my grandparents died and I didn’t spend a tear, even though i was close. Now i find the goodness in people and spending times with time is worthwhile.
  5. Patience : I was a hyper active dog, before i started this journey, when I was assigned a task, i would just finish it off, not caring about its perfection. With no fap, I have become more calm and i assign adequate amount of time to everything I do.
  6. No porn : porn was the tool which would help me to cope up with all the crap in life, without it i was able to deal with my problems. life was not as fucked up as I thought it was, it was all in my head. stupid pmo addiction.

No fap helped me grow up as a person, helped me take up responsibilities and finally revealed the person i could be. I love being alive, life makes more sense. my journey has just started and I shall reach my potential.

Thank you no fap community, you were the support, without whom this day would have just been a dream. !Good luck !cheers 🙂

life is better – 100 days report

by sux2balone



flatline, should i be worried ?

hey, well this is my first post, probably of the many post that are yet to come. my story, the usual, got addicted to masturbation and heavy porn use and before i could realize it, i suffered my E.D, broke up with my g.f, lost my friends, lost my confidence and the zest for life as such, it just seemed really boring. All i did since onset of fapping was to sit in a corner and think hard where i went wrong in life, why i feel so fucking rejected. Yeah, it sucks and you know life without happiness is not worth living. so hence the no fap adaption in my life, to experience, what i thought was lost in my life. where am right now in my streak ? i have done 84 days of not fapping or watch porn or have any sexual thought of that matter. During this period i have had severe flatline symptoms, depression, apathy, lack of energy, dead dick..well every thing…i was a heavy porn addict. There are days where i do get bouts of energy, but for most days i have to just keep pushing my self, to get any work done. i know this post is about flatline, and my description is so little about it, well i made this post to tell you about my experience with flatline, when it subsides and how i shall mitigate its effects and with time i hope i could contribute to some of you guys to overcome this phase during recovery.