Age 22 – 108 days: ED almost cured, better eye contact, conversations easier

So here I am on day 108, and I thought I’d share my story.

I know we all have our various reasons for beginning our journey as Fapstronauts, but mine was relatively simple; I had issues with getting it up. Whether I was simply not mentally there, or I was already spent sexually from fapping, I found that on the times I got intimate, I wouldn’t hold an erection effectively-embarrassing to say the least.

So after a single relapse and re-set 5 days in, I was on my way. At some point along the way, I did experience a so-called ‘dead-zone’, where I simply wasn’t getting aroused by almost anything. To be completely honest, this situation actually helped me out of a potential beer-goggles situation (Thanks NoFap!)

Now here I am at 108 and have mostly positive feelings on the subject. One of the more noticeable outcomes is a change related to the exact reason I joined: I got intimate with a lady at around day 90, and let’s just say I did a great job, even impressing myself. The only downside to this is I’ve found myself getting erections and that blue-balls feeling more often lately.

Anther positive outcome is that I find myself making eye contact much more easily with women. I had been charming before NoFap, but because of my ADHD I hesitated to make constant eye contact, as I would find myself fading in and out of attention to the conversation. This has led to quite a few successful dates in that time, and I knew at the end of the night that we both had good conversation at the very least.

Now down to the nitty-gritty: One thing I have noticed is that I have relatively regular nocturnal emissions, and often the night after a date. These wake-up calls are obviously unfortunate and messy. Anyone near my number or further experiencing this as well?

Also, I find myself noticeably detached sexually from pr0n, which is great, and helps me focus on real women and avoid relapse.

Anyways, that’s my experience thus far with NoFap! Thank you for all of the support along the way, and feel free to ask any questions. Stay strong Fapstronauts!

LINK – So I’m a little late for 90, but here’s my 108-day check-in

by sicnofap


UPDATE (WENT BACK TO PORN) – Tired of a lack of performance, let’s give this another try

There I was out on the town with a new girl I’ve been dating, and we end up back at her place at the end of the night. She starts to jack me off, but I tell her hand stuff doesn’t really work for me. Without question she moves down to suck me off. (bonus points in my book if I don’t have to ask) Long story short, my guy down there wasn’t performing, even with her enthusiasm.

It’s time I get back in control of my performance in the bedroom, so I’m coming back here to NoFap in the hopes I can get my mojo back.

Wish me luck!