Age 22 – 126 day report. ED completely gone (at 80 days) and dating the girl of my dreams

I’m a 22 year old male and I started watching porn when I was about 12 or 13. When I was younger I used to watch porn and masturbate several times a day, every day. Once I got older (high school) I only watched porn to masturbate, nothing more. Lost my virginity when I was 17 and never had a problem with ED ever.

Was engaged to a girl from 19 to 20 and then shortly after the one year mark she broke up with me and moved on. So here I am, lonely, scared, thinking I was completely worthless and no one would want me. “Hey, my parents marriage didn’t last, my fiance left me, maybe this just isn’t for me.” So I started watching porn all the time and drinking a lot. Kept going to parties and trying to hook up with the hottest girls, until what do you know, ED showed up all of a sudden. Couldn’t get it up to save my fucking life.

Few months goes by and I met a girl and dated her for awhile and from our very first date I knew this girl was “the one.” Had successful sex with her for the time being until she broke up with me, so I went back to porn. Kept trying to hook up with girls and my ED came roaring back. So finally 126 days ago I found NoFap and decided to give it a shot. So it’s been about a year since “the one” and I dated and we would see each other around sometimes and hang out but nothing more than friends until one night she decides to come over. Long story short, I was able to have successful sex with her on about day 80 or so. We are now back together, we’re in love, we live together and talking about buying a new place together. She completes me in every single way and no girl can compare and I’ve been around, trust me. We have sex about once a day or more and I have no problems at all.

A little closer: I watched the movie Don Jon last night and it didn’t trigger me at all. It actually made me realize how disgusting porn is and my gf and I had sex a couple times after the movie was over and we connect so much it’s the best feeling in the world that porn or masturbation can never compare to.

For anyone who doesn’t believe NoFap won’t cure your ED or help you better yourself, you’re an idiot. Sorry, but don’t be so hard on yourself and just let go and believe.

I could have typed a lot more but I just wanted to cover the basics: I’m in love and my cock works, passionately, not lustfully.

LINK – 126 day report. ED completely gone and dating the girl of my dreams. NoFap does indeed work, gentlemen.

by nicetryhomie