Age 22 – 134 days to heal ED, but lots of orgasms with girlfriend

I’m 134 days in. No porn, no M, but I’ve had a lot of O’s with my SO.

I had been wanting to write a success story for a long time but the success had kept me waiting :P.

Until these last few weeks. I kept getting more and more erections with my girlfriend. Just by touching her alone I could get rock hard. This had not happened to me before. I’m getting hard without any stimulation which is awesome but I am ejaculating real fast. Which sucks of course:P. So I have been kegeling ever since day 50 or so. So that will be okay.

Today was a good day. My girlfriend gave me a Handjob and I came in a few minutes and after 20 minutes I thought I would just try how my dick would react to my girl. And voila. It worked! It got hard again although it felt as if it wouldn’t, and I entered her and lasted nice long time and it was awesome and it felt great. I was in the moment and could really enjoy giving my girl what she deserves. I finally feel like a normal guy.

On the emotional part. NOFAP has been reeaaal emotional. At day 60 I was feeling more shitty than I’ve ever felt. Life was hard on me but I can’t remember having the emotions hit me as hard as they did then.

I definitely think that Nofap made me feel emotions as I was supposed to. Although life was harder on me than before I don’t remember feeling that desperate and depressed ever.

Today I am starting school again and I think that when I’ve got my shit together again I will also be more happy and confident than I’ve ever been.

I’m definitely continuing Nofap. I know the benefits of real life are growing back to me. I feel more alive although I haven’t felt shittier in ages :P. It is now my task to not fap while life gets hard and do stuff that will make life AWESOME again.

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

LINK – 134 days. 22 yo. Life’s good

by Labuza