Age 22 – 21 years of social anxiety and being terrified of girls GONE!


How in the world is it so easy to talk to girls now? Can someone please explain this to me, I just don’t know how not watching porn and not masterbating makes you not afraid of women anymore.

Here’s a little background info. I’m 22 years old, started nofap about 6 months ago and I’ve talked to 4 GORGEOUS girls. I got 2 of those girls’ numbers and texted them. The crazy thing about this is the fact that I went 21 years without talking to a single girl! You heard me. 21 years of not talking or texting one girl!! 21 years of social anxiety and being terrified of girls. I’m still a virgin at 22 but I feel like I can get any girl I want now. After starting nofap I don’t have that fear of women anymore. I can talk to any girl I want, no matter how beautiful she is.

Can someone explain how this is possible?? There has to be a scientific reason for someone as shy and terrified as me to be able to start talking to girls like it’s nothing. Other than my family, I never talked to a single girl….. I’m not even joking. Why do you think I’m so shocked? Lol. I was always an extreme introvert and I still am. I never liked hanging out with friends, going to parties or socializing. The only place I go is the gym and occasionally I’ll hang out with my cousins. [At the gym] I put headphones on and talk to nobody lmao. I don’t go to socialize. I go because working out is my favorite thing to do in the world. It’s the only hobby I really have.

I LOVE NOFAP!!! Its honestly the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. God bless you fapstraunats lmao

I’ve been not watching porn for a little over a year but I relapsed many times during that streak. I would say I usually go one month without watching porn then I relapse. Been doing that for over a year.

I’m 22. Been a porn addict since I was 12. What caused me to stop was erectile dysfunction problems. Weak erections, no morning woods, and I could only get hard while looking at porn. It’s been over a year with no porn and I’m still suffering from those problems but they are getting better slowly but surely.

[Improvements?] More morning woods, more confidence, much more sensitivity down there, more respect from people, much more aggressive towards people (which is a double edged sword), more energy, happier, and my dreams have came back. When I was pmo’ing I literally lost the ability to dream for years. Honestly the only thing I haven’t experienced is attraction from women unfortunately.

LINK – Please explain how the hell this is possible!!!?

By Frankwazher