Age 22 – 300 days – ED, DE, confidence with women

I don’t want this to be another generic success story, but you couldn’t imagine how this journey has turned my life around. Problems I had that NoFap has mysteriously resolved: ED, DE, Confidence with women, Dreaming about Porn, Looking forward to watching porn, Dirty socks, Poor morale, and Viewing ALL women as porn actresses, and not human beings.

I forced myself to begin NoFap after some performance issues with my first real lady friend, and I knew I was way too young to be having these problems time after time.

I use to be too shamed to talk to women out of my comfort zone, but now I have no problem walking up to them, looking them in the eye, and introducing myself. It was if before, I could sense that they would smell the porn “addiction” I had.

Within the last 150 days, I did just that, and I am now with a very sweet, beautiful girl that I never would have thought I would be able get with before. I’ve never had performance issues with her.

If you’re just starting out, or if you relapse too soon, I would recommend first cutting out porn completely and masturbating without it until the porn is no longer what you visualize. Visualize nothing, or women you know in real life. If you’re someone who can completely stop on a dime, that’s great for you and you won’t need this advice.

A lot of people have healthy relationships with porn and it doesn’t cause them any of the issues it caused me. It’s because we have different mind sets. When I get into a game or a movie or even studying, I completely immerse myself, and I did the same with porn. This is the difference, and if you have a similar mindset, you should take the journey as well!

LINK – 300 Days in, a Lifetime to go

by Oxilili300 days


When did you get over the ED and DE?

I don’t know an exact date because there was a dry spell between days 30-200~

But when I did have sex again after the ~200 day mark, there was no problem getting it up, and I came in 30 seconds. Literally 30 seconds. I was like fk…but at the same time, if you’ve had DE, you know that can be even worse.

Since then my stamina has of course improved, and I actually last a long time during round 2. I’d never be able to pull off a second round before NoFap, was lucky to finish one round all the way through. But now if my partner would be willing, I could prob go 3-4 LOL

When did your self-confidence start improving and did you see a continual improvement as time went on?

I felt more confident after the first week! It continually improved, but I think it has diminishing returns. Obviously you can’t go forever, everyone has certain insecurities in their lives that will prevent a perfect confidence level.