Age 22 – 50 days: I no longer feel sorry for myself

50 days without fapping on hard mode, more than halfway to the goal, and this is something big that I have found in me that has changed:

I no longer feel sorry for myself. You know, if you were like me, you’d like to take any excuse you can think of in life and invariably create a self-pitying sob story every time something doesn’t go your way. You didn’t believe change was possible, and even if it was, who needs that when you have the monotonous lifestyle porn indulgence?

After 50 days, I’ve realized the goal isn’t really about getting women (although the challenge will help). The goal is about getting yourself back–that long-lost energetic, optimistic, self-reliant self. The one who never overlooks opportunity and says everything he means.

For those of you who haven’t made it this far, I encourage you to soldier on and reclaim yourself for yourself and everyone else in your life. Everyone will like you for it, including, of course, you.

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by one-of-those-guys