Age 22 – 65 days

'Yes You Can'I’m 22 years old, healthy male and masturbating to pornography since I was 14/15. It first started with images with Google image search, just searching for “boobs” for example. I remember this really used to turn me on, it was great. I was not a confident teenager, so seeing pornography was awesome at the time.

It wasn’t long before I got broadband internet, so I could download 20 sec clips and then come other large pornography websites. Before my reboot, I was masturbating sometimes 3-4 times per day over pornography. When I was bored, it would kill 10 or so minutes.

I just want to mention how my pornography tastes have changed over the last few years. First it was very soft. Then lesbian porn did it for me, and then, a few years ago I stumbled into shemale pornography, and over time I realised I was turned on by this. Then it got worse, occasionally I would masturbate over gay pornography became more and more frequent. It turned me on but after it felt so wrong. I know I’m straight, when I’m socialising, men is the last thing on my mind. I am very attracted to pretty girls, I notice them from a mile away, so this pornography has morphed my tastes to the extreme. I was confused whether or not I was bisexual, but now I look back and I realise I’m not bisexual, it’s just that my brain has been re-wired by pornography.

Then earlier this year I had erectile dysfunction. The girl was amazingly attractive and she was full on up for it. However it just didn’t work! And then a few months ago it happened again, except this girl was even more attractive. So I realised that something must be seriously wrong. I searched the internet and watch the videos from and hence I am now 31 days into my reboot.

– Week 1 –
The first week was the toughest, I had cravings every single day. Before this I went 3 days and gave in so I restarted my count. The second week was relatively easy compared to the first, I guess my body just got used to it. However, during the first 2 weeks my libido was through the roof, I just wanted to have sex. It was on my mind all day.

– Week 3 –
Week 3 was very strange, my libido was still there but I felt it had dipped. Flashbacks were coming into my brain occasionally (gay porn) and sometimes it was hard to escape, however I pulled through and never masturbated. I am noticing girls a lot more too, which must be good. However, it isn’t as though I want to have sex with them, it’s more like I want to have a great caring relationship with them whereas before I just wanted to “bang the hotties”.

– Week 4 –
My libido has gone, masturbating is completely off my mind and I have no desire to masturbate, my body simply doesn’t need it. One thing has surprised me though, I haven’t had any wet dreams. I’ve never had a wet dream, so I thought I would have had one by now to keep them soldiers down there happy. However I now wake up with a morning wood most days, and when I wake up in the night I sometimes have a full on erection. I’m often dreaming about having a girl in my bed next to me, kissing and cuddling but no sex, more of a romantic experience. I’m finding this when I meet girls too, I literally have no intent of having sex with them, I’d rather get to know them first and see what happens. I guess now I’m looking for a good relationship with a trustworthy girl.

Day 31 I do feel much more open, free and in control of my life. I feel the need to meet new people and just generally be a nice person to them, whereas before I would just think if they aren’t going to benefit me in any way then I don’t want to be around them.

Day 32 I had an awesome experience last night, I was at a party and made out with a girl at the end (she was not that pretty) and I had a massive erection pretty much instantly. I was like oh my god, and it felt awesome.

I work as a software developer, spending many hours in front of my computer. This is why it’s so easy for me to masturbate over pornography…but now I have been doing this I am tempted to give up computers all together. Facebook, BBC News, emails are all things that consume my time. I just want to meet girls! Why have I spend the last 4 years of my life masturbating over porn and spending my time in front of a computer. I’m now going to focus on meeting new attractive girls, playing my favourite sport and keeping healthy.

This is the best thing I’ve ever done, second to graduating from university.

Day 33 I’m now 33 days into no PMO, my erections are becoming more and more frequent, but it’s not like I can just turn it on whenever I want to.

Day 46 I am just a bit worried because my libido has pretty much flatlined – I guess this is because im forcing myself not to have sex. I also haven’t had a wet dream yet which I’m quite annoyed about. I’m not setting any goals for myself here, I’ll know when I’m cured when I can have sex.

Day 48 My penis definitely is back in order as I found out just my flirting! Last night my libido was through the roof – this is pretty awesome. I’m never masturbating ever again.

Day 57 It’s going great. I feel much more confident about getting erections now (I haven’t had any encounters to test this as yet). If I’m going to reboot, I’m going to do it without any female attention – just focus on other things instead.

I also had my first full on wet dream the other night, I thought I’d wet myself until I checked in the morning I had crusty pants, LOL. It is truly amazing how porn can change your sexual tastes, and I do feel like I am now slowly heading towards my “natural” taste.

Hmm I just cant wait to get back into some action now.

Day 64

I generally feel like my libido is coming back again, slowly but surely. I think it might me being excited because I’m starting school again.. I doubt getting an erection will be a problem when it happens.

I’m get semi-erections just by thinking of girls. I’ve been going to the gym every day and playing football quite a bit. I’m in top notch condition health wise. I’m feeling good.

Day 65

Well my new equipment worked great. I was very uncomfortable because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it up, but I just relaxed and OMG. It feels great to be back in the game. I’m never watching porn again.

I went 65 days without PMO/sex!

Day 71

Hi Guys, this is day 71 of no PMO. And I feel motivated. I am motivated to succeed with women. So I have met 3 young girlies, had sex with all 3 of them in the past week (something I’ve never really been able to do). I just generally feel very confident and motivated to get out of the house in search for REAL girls. It feels great to have an awesome sex life right now after months of nothing. 2 of them, I was drunk, and my gear worked very well.

I actually tell girls that I don’t masturbate and that I’d rather have the real thing (and I explain to them that’s why I am ridiculously horny all the time) and they absolutely love it. I guess when a man is turned on, the feelings are mutually shared with his partner.

I’m going to stay away from masturbation altogether – it is much more healthy as a young male human being to feel this intense desire to meet new females. It is a very natural and masculine way to feel, I believe. And about the homosexual fantasies caused by gay porn I used to watch, all I have to say about that is: LOL.

PS – Prior to the reboot, I was completely unable to have sex when I had been drinking. That is no longer an issue. I was also never able to come when having oral sex, and that is also no longer an issue.


by monster_man