Age 22 – 90 Days and a Poem

Here I am, I made it 🙂 Between you guys, my friends, a lot of soul searching, and the NoFap War I made it to my blue star. I have reached the 90 day ledge. To those of you still climbing below, don’t give up, you’re almost here. To those of you climbing above, I’m right behind you and I hope I never catch up to you.

I have no words of advice today, only words of my heart. In my beautiful joy and sorrow I wrote a poem, and I thought I’d share. I don’t usually share them, but NoFap is about pushing our boundaries… So why not keep pushing? The poem is entitled “The Hole in my Chest.” I love you all.

The hole in my chest is wider today,

I haven’t touched it, I swear.

It’s deeper too, in an impossible way,

With regards to the brightness I wear.

Maybe it was how your heart touched mine,

All my heart knew to do was to grow.

Maybe the glow from that dark storm line

Propelled me to conquer some foe.

It could have been simply the intellect sweet

That I force fed myself from my chair.

But also it may be my lonely heart’s bleat

At the abscence of one with fine hair.

Yes the hole in my chest is wider today.

The reason, in turth, I don’t know.

But the light in my heart can shine brighter this way,

So I hope this hole always will grow.

LINK 90 Days and a Poem

by For-realthistime