Age 22 – 91 days: ED cured, I’m a whole other person now

The following may help answer questions you may ask, or you can skip it and just ask away! When I started this challenge, it was not the only major change I wanted in my life. I was unemployed/in and out of dead end hourly jobs, lonely, and deeply unhappy. I lacked confidence and direction, but looking back, what I lacked most was something required to succeed at anything – belief in my own abilities. Thanks to a phone call from an old friend, I woke up and decided to start doing something with my life. Publicly, I began looking for a job and planning my assault on the law school application process. Privately, I joined the Fapstronaut Corp.

I quit PMO cold turkey and decided to actively and consciously do whatever it took to improve my life. In fact, if I hadn’t focused on my life and given myself something to fucking do, I’m not sure if I would have made it. I had to deal with some pretty bad urges (especially morningwood/shower boners, that was brutal) in order to stay on the program, but I grit my teeth, and here I am!

Now, I’m literally a whole other person, publicly and privately. I’ve got 2 kickass jobs, and I’m midway through my law school application process (fingers crossed!). I’ve taken up an instrument, and I’m learning to speak another language. Though I don’t have a girlfriend just yet, I’ve been dating and meeting interesting people, and I just feel more confident about myself and my life. It makes interacting with the opposite sex actually fun! Making friends in my classes or in the workplace, or just casually meeting girls in various locations, it’s not stressful anymore. Call it arrogance if you like, but I just don’t get as nervous or anxious anymore…I’m confident in who I am and what I’m doing now.

Is this all because of NoFap? Probably not. There were a lot of factors involved in my desire to turn my life around, but I KNOW that NoFap was likely a huge part of getting my groove back.

I don’t know what comes next, but it’s like Morpheus says on the banner – I just don’t feel like I have to fap. I’m still dating and trying to build a healthy sex life, but I’m not as worried about it anymore. It’s something I still have to do every day, but every day it got a little bit easier until now, it’s just how I live my life. It’s been a fucking journey, but I will say this about hitting escape velocity as a fapstronaut: I did it, and if the sorry ass self-pity mongering dickhead that I was 3 months ago can do it, then I KNOW you can too.

Stay strong, Fapstronauts. Stay strong.

I’ll leave you with the words my friend said to me. Not poetry, but it did the trick. I was partway through making another lameass excuse to not do something when she burst in:

“Dude, whatever it is, get over it and DO something. No one is going to do anything for you, so you have to. Do something. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just…just fucking DO…SOMETHING.”

TLDR: It was hard, but NoFap helped me completely change my life, to the point where I don’t even recognize the insecure scared little prick I used to be.

LINK – Day 91 – No shit, I’m a whole other person now. Also, AMA!

by milleniumfapcon