Age 22 – 92 days, I asked her out!

I haven’t posted since day 67, being busy with finals and spending a lot of time networking, working, and group projects/school related stuff with a very cute classmate of mine.

Anyways, how does it feel to be in day 92?

It feels amazing! I have more focus, more self control, and I feel like I can do anything. I went 80 days without drinking Caffeine, Soda, or Tea. Without no fap I would never have accomplished that; it seemed impossible. (I had to give in to coffee, because I needed to stay awake during finals week after sleeping a total of 9 hours between 3 days) I had a good run.

I went from not being able to have a really good conversation with women to them wanting to stay and talk more with me. My shyness has somewhat gone away, I am now more social and talk to any women I want to talk to; like it’s nothing or no big deal. Before no fap I use to over think things a lot.

What have I accomplished in these 92 days of Nofap?

1. I worked really hard and I learned new skills; like rendering software, drafting software, adobe creative suite.

2. I began to workout; I lost my belly fat with eating right, doing core exercises, jump rope, and pushups at home. I had no more back pain when I lifted stuff due to the core exercises. The fact that I could lift anything and not feel pain; I felt unstoppable and this got the attention of my coworkers; especially the females. I have muscle definition and I have some abs. (I need to head the gym to get some real results though and I know I can do it)

3. This was my last semester, I am graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I am finally done with school! My plans are to rework my portfolio and make it the best one I can make. I have the drive and the motivation. A job is waiting for me out there, I just have to find it and be prepared for when the time comes.

4. Remember that cute class mate I talked about previously? I met her 2 years ago. She graduated with a 2 year degree before me. I always liked her, but was too chicken shit to do anything about it.(The most I did was say hello or say one sentence; that was the extend of our relation). She graduated a year before me with a 2 year degree. I never saw her again.

That was, until the beginning of the semester, (in which I started my no fap journey). I saw her in my class and I made the bold move to sit next to her and ask how she is doing with a lot of enthusiasm and smile. We were together this whole summer working on projects, which involved us spending a lot of time together outside of school. I got to know her really well, as she with me, I felt really comfortable with her and it seems like we never wanted to leave when we were done.

So, when it came to finally say goodbye on the last day I gave her a hug and said see ya. We walked our separate ways and she looked so lonely and tired. (due to lack of sleep and finals).

And I thought to myself, is this it? Is this how it’s going to end. I am always thinking about her and I knew I didn’t want to say goodbye to her forever. (not again, I am not the old me, I am a new man). I got some balls, huge ones in fact due to no fap, I called her name out from far away. She turned quickly and I told her that I want to see her again (she began walking closer to me with a smile and re-energized) and that I want to take her out for dinner. She very quickly said yes.

And that is how I got a date with the girl of my dreams. We go out next week.


Everyone is different, rebooting might take more time for others,results might be different.
One thing is important, you have to stick with it if you want some real results.

If I could sum up what I learned from no fap is that, “you have to seize the day”. Take back control of your life, make everyday count, and good things will follow. Good luck everyone and I hope you find this somewhat inspiring.

LINK – 92 days of No Fap has made me a new man!

by Chao Yun-Fap