Age 22 – As soon as my mindset changed results came flooding in


Since starting to take NoFap seriously in January my success with women has SKYROCKETED! I’m what I consider to be a very logical/rational thinker. But there is seriously some magical harry potter type shit going on here. Maybe not but I definitely don’t have an explanation or really care for one. It works.

That’s all I need to know. My life has improved drastically in all aspects but for this post I only want to talk about improvement in the realm of girls since it was a big goal of mine going into NoFap. I should mention that goal has since changed away from girls. 🙂

Since January 2017 I’ve had sex with 6 different stunning girls and have turned down a 3-way(pics to prove it lol) and advances from about another 3-4 and am currently dating societies idea of a ‘hot girl’ (Blonde, nice face, thicc with small waist). This may not seem like much to some but to me its huge for a few reasons.

  1. Grew up playing PC games and browsing sites like 4chan 24/7 needless to say these two bad habits go hand in hand with sever PMO addiction and depression
  2. I have pretty much no social life/friends all pulls were done 100% solo
  3. Health problems I can’t drink so going to bars/clubs sober and alone (Anxiety inducing combination)
  4. Incredibly low self esteem due to health problems i’m VERY skinny and tall
  5. I work around 100% guys don’t go to uni so there is no cuties around me ever unless I go out in public which even then is rare I live in a small city. I’m pretty average looking but I have a high standard in women which doesn’t make things easier.

The weird thing is that most of these girls APPROACHED ME and came literally out of no where. Or else were eyeing me up and giving such strong indicators of interest and positioning themselves so close that I had to approach. I have some pretty awesome stories that I won’t post cause they’re so ridiculous that I feel people would think I’m trolling. Approaching on a solid NoFap streak feels at least 50% easier. Waaayy less approach anxiety, way LESS anxiety in general. I also noticed I enjoy women a lot more. Just the energy they put out, you can definitely notice it on a good streak. Their smell, the way their voice sounds just everything about them is intoxicating, magical af. I never felt this way about the girls in porn videos thats for sure. Before NoFap I couldn’t be bothered to meet girls. Even though I really wanted to. The THOUGHTS were there but there was no ACTION until NoFap loaded my butt-hole with energy. NoFap gave me the push past my social anxiety to go out alone, SOLO, by my self to meet girls @ Bars, Coffee shops, malls, anywhere I was day to day. It gives me this weird IDGAF type confidence that made me completely let go insecurities and left me totally present in bliss.

I feel at peace knowing that I don’t need to be concerned about dying alone or being lonely. I feel this cause NoFap showed me that I can get girls and frankly its pretty damn easy. I feel like I have a secret to getting girls. I’m no good at keeping secrets which is why I felt the need to post this. As you’ve probably read 1000’s of times NoFap isn’t going to change things for you. Its what you decide to do with the benefits it gives you that will cause change.

My goal with this post was that at least 1 person enjoys this post and takes something away from it. If your that 1 person post a comment it would make my day. I’ve spend so long taking from this sub Reddit in the shadows without an account. Its about time I made a Reddit account and contributed to this community that has given me so much.

BTW – [deleted] The picture is of me after staying awake 2 nights in a row. I felt fine tbh not even that tired, it wouldn’t have been possible without the insane amounts of energy NoFap gives me. More a reminder for myself to look at later cause I know I wont look this energetic after a relapse and a full nights sleep lmao. I don’t really care enough to look over this post to spell check/grammar. Sorry not sorry.

I’m 6’2 and a little bit (;

Thanks for the kind words. However, I genuinely believe my looks don’t help as much as people think. I’ve looked this way my entire life and have been experiencing terrible results. As soon as my mindset changed from NoFap and massive amounts of development. That’s when the results came flooding in.

It seems no matter how many times I go out solo the beginning of the the night is awkward and uncomfortable. I would never feel comfortable until I got warmed up. What I mean by this is talking to literally anyone and everyone that is around to chat. I usually start in the line up outside starting small talk with anyone who’s nearby me. If you can be very high energy and positive in conversations with strangers its pretty hard not to make friends. Once I get in I usually scout it out, absolutely get a drink, it’ll make you feel a lot more comfortable since everyone else is holding a drink. I usually get water since I don’t drink anymore. At this point you have two options. Either sit at the bar and look and feel uncomfortable or go socialize. I usually start small and talk to a group of cool looking guys to develop a ‘Home Camp’ which is essentially a group of people you can return to and stand around with and chat with in between sets. Drinking honestly hurts most guys game other than just helping with the initial opener. You’re a lot sharper and witter when your sober. Its an amazing growing experience for your social skills overall. Forces you to either man up or suffer. Honestly it feels like a more hardcore version of the cold shower in the sense of being a beneficial stressor. I’ve had awesome results making friends and developing a social circle doing this. Highly recommend giving it a try.

I’ve been struggling with flat-line since I’ve started. Its very on and off for me usually when it comes it sticks around for no more than two weeks. It is very real and very debilitating. I started around 14 years old and have wasted pretty much all of my teenage years and a few of my adult years to it. No longer though. I’m conquering it.

Honestly, I had some pretty bad anxiety about my PIED and was concerned that my excitement/anxiety would cause problems down there and would let them down. Chose to protect my ego over having a cool life experience. Regret it? Yup. Always a next time. Plus the second girl wasn’t nearly as good looking or my type, I’m very picky.

I’m 22 turning 23 next month. I usually get told I look around 17 or 18 haha

LINK – NoFap Made Me a Pimp

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