Age 22 – Depression completely gone, too much ambition to contain, less brain fog

Finally made it to 30 days hardmode. All I have to say is keep at it. The benefits I noticed:

  1. can barely sleep and still work, study, lift heavy without feeling tired
  2. heaviest lifts I’ve done so far in the last 2 years
  3. too much ambition to contain. I’m reading, lifting heavy and treating my job as my sole purpose on earth. I see challenges and I take them.
  4. depression is gone completely. I still feel sad at times but never discouraged.
  5. much easier interacting with people
  6. feel more grounded and secure in my body and self
  7. less brain fog though I still piff a lil bit
  8. reading comprehension through the roof (try reading dostoyevsky in an office full of hyper talkative peoples)
  9. a lot of pent up aggression is being expressed outward instead of inward
  10. I’m becoming more confrontational and my feel like my fists weight a ton
  11. Just overall superhuman feeling but of course this is simply the transmutation of certain energies that are human

… and much more but these are the ones i really felt today

dadadada keep at it again.;

LINK – 30 days hardmode


by Ak4774


TWO MONTHS EARLIER – 22 M 30 days hard mode/90 days soft mode

I’ve been in this battle for over 2 years so I have a good amount of experience. Currently stuck in a cycle that I need to break. Skype messenger twice a day would probably be the best form of contact.