Age 22 – Depression gone, sex life better, and my dog loves me


I’m 22 and I’m on my second streak. After 90 days of hardmode I relapsed and couldn’t get back on track. But I guess I’m finally on track again. My benefits so far:

  1. My dog likes me more. She was dodging me all 7 years of her life. And now she is always in my room. She wants to play with me etc. I also can’t stop cuddling her. We fell in love I guess 😛
  2. Yesterday my mom told me this ‘going to gym’ changed me, and it looks like I stopped being so anxious about my future.
  3. I’m more confident. Im not afraid of small talk.
  4. My sexlife with my gf is better.
  5. I have lost interest of reading articles like: “How Self-Motivation can be easier..”, or “I’ve always struggled with procrastination, I think I finally…”, or “How to change your life in just…” etc. – I started reading books instead of these articles.
  6. Public speaking is a lot easier for me.

Guys. NoFap is real. Stop this addiction. This subreddit changed my life, and all I can say is thank you.

I feel completely different. I’m not depressed anymore – beating depression was my #1 reason to start nofap.

I stopped relapsing every 3 days after I understood that PMO is a big problem for me (+Terry’s Crews speech keeps motivating me). With that knowledge I can resist my urges. Also I have girlfriend, so I can use my sex energy in a good way.

LINK – Unusual benefits

by m4rkn

Hello guys. After 80 days of no PMO. I’ve decided to MO*. But I’m never going back to P! I still think P is the source of everything bad that happens in your brain.* + My success story

*I don’t encourage you to masturbate. If you are heavily addicted, little masturbation can lead you into porn, later. – I know it from experience.

*Compulsive masturbation isn’t good either, your life can’t be about lying in bed and masturbating. If you are doing it once a day i think it’s too much!

I practically spent two years of fighting with my addiction, and I think I’m finally ready to leave this subreddit, forget about streaks etc.

In this two years my life changed drastically. I was gaming all day, watching porn, living with my parents and now I live with my gf in rented flat. I’m part-time studying computer science, full-time working, programming in my free time, regularly attending gym 24 yo. guy.

2019 – I’m ready for you! This year will be the year when I will conquer my diet habits! Fuck you pornography.