Age 22 – ED: 120 days, No longer fantasize in 3rd person

So this is my 90th day report. It might seem like a lifetime to all you new guys but I stopped counting days some time ago. I checked my badge the other day and it said ’85’ so I figured I had to write a 90 day report.

For your information I joined NoFap because of PIED and have not watched P for 119 days and no MO during the last 90. Furthermore I rolled monkmode with no virtual stimulation. I’ve edged a couple of times and have had 5 wet dreams. I had the chance to “test the engine” with a girl some two weeks ago and although it was not a concrete D it was faaaar more responsive than what I had experienced earlier before NoFap. Funny and luckely she did not want to go all the way during our first date so we just ended up fooling around -> reboot bonus!

I will not bother you with all the benefits and changes (unless you ask me) but I can mention a few below:

  • I now work out on a daily basis and take daily cold showers. My mental stamina has increased.
  • I no longer fantasize about sex in 3rd person as if I replay old P I’ve seen, I recall real girls and myself in 1st person
  • I have far more eye contact with people, feel much more present and enjoy the moment
  • I started to listen to heavy rock, something I also used to do when I was younger
  • Although I sometimes get horny, my interaction with girls no longer revolve around sex. Now when I go out I simply enjoy the encounter with a women and see where it leads me.
  • I experience more self confidence and I give less F*cks about trivial matters

The points above are some of my personal changes but I have also experienced girls noticing me more since I started NoFap. Sure it’s probably primarly because I gained some in the gym since I started NoFap but the self confident I aquired should not be neglected.

Sure we can do an AMA below and I will reply as soon as I can. If you want to track my progress I recommend you read my older posts here on NoFap.

Finally, this has been my favourite motivational video:

Carry on and don’t give up. That’s all I can say.

LINK – A PIED patient’s 90 day report

by ThomasTheTugboat