Age 22 – ED cured after 5 years

I was so immersed in self improvement that I didn’t even realize I was near 90 days. I feel like that is key. I am 22 and have suffered from pied for almost 5 years. That’s crazy that this problem has consumed me for almost a quarter of my life.

Pushing through the situation has made my mental strength of that of a 90 year old. Not much really bothers me anymore once you overcome this problem and trust me when I say you definitely can.

I had PIED mixed with actual damage to my penis from hanging weight and penis stretchers. My head of my penis was pale, almost white from the damage and I could only muster up half erections to extreme porn. My insecurities about my penis size and sexual anxiety to preform in bed took me on a rollercoaster these past 5 years and I am here to tell you that NONE of your insecurities exist.

I now mentally train myself to believe that I am a sexual animal and I can give myself an erection just by mentally making up a scenario. I want to say that taking L arginine, catuaba, garlic, asparagus and other sexual superfoods helped immensely. Doing yoga poses that strengthen the pelvic floor were key as well and most importantly was waking up every morning, staring in the mirror and learning to love myself more and more with each passing day.

Stay strong brothers. Failure is not an option but if for any reason you relapse just know that you are going to fail your way to success. Don’t let it get you down and complete the mission

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by ctwillow