Age 22 – ED cured at 62 days

I might be the happiest dude in the world right now. Background: 22yo, started no fap because my dick mysteriously stopped working one day. I had potential for a threesome and my guy just would not participate. That’s how it started.. I was a pretty regular fapper at least once every other day, if not every day, depending on if I had sex lined up and my schedule. Fast forward..

So my dick is dead for almost a year. Whenever I’m intimate with a girl there was no response. I started using that magic blue pill on these occasions and It still took a lot of oral to get me up and staying up was NOT guaranteed. Anyway..

Started nofap in April after researching YBOP and TEDx talk. I relapsed after like a week, but then i got SUPER determined. i WAS SOO TIRED OF MY DICK NOT WORKIN. I had a bunch of flatline time, good days and and bad. I kept a day to day log of my progress. and somewhere around day 62 I remember writing that my dick was feeling “heavier”. and the next few days after that my random boners during the day were increasing. Also, i met a girl a while back and we’ve been talking and hanging out. First i had sex with her on the blue pill, but i was feeling confident and the next time i saw her I left the pill behind saying “I need to see where I am with this ED”. she straddles me and needless to say, I felt myself getting a pure organic erection for the first time in FOREVER.. rock hard lol and very sensitive from 2+ months of no PMO.

I no longer feel “dead dick” and feel like i got my manhood back. So all you fapstronauts suffering with ED, keep at it. Your body WILL bounce back. Be patient and stay committed. Gunna finish this 90 days and never take my dick for granted again 😉 #NoFap4Life

LINK – ED has been CURED! i Wanna Shout from a mountain top!!

by remington25