Age 22 – ED cured at 80 days

Background: 22 year old, healthy, fit, quite good looking. Suffered from ED since I broke up with my first long-term girlfriend at 18 years old. “Moderate” PMO user, about 4 times a week at max. Averaging about 2 times a week.

Last weekend (around day 80 of NoFap) I had successful sex about 8 times with the same girl (woman actually) in a time frame of about 48 hours.

HOLY SHIT. I feel like I’ve just regained my manhood

I tried having sex with over 10 different girls in the last 4 years, never managed to do it. Had sloppy sex (with a 50-60% erection) a few times though. It’s really embarrassing when you can’t “rise to the occasion”.

Day 14-16: Tried having sex with a good looking Norwegian girl, eventually managed to get it up to 60% one morning and had really bad sex. Decided I would stick with NoFap this time.

Day 80-81: Had awesome sex with a hot (older) Asian woman. 8 times in less than 48 hours. Had PE the first time, but that quickly changed. Lasted about the same time or even longer than I ever did with the only girl I had good sex with before.

What’s next? I’m not fapping for at least a few more months. Never going back to P again – EVER. Made that mistake before after I relapsed on day 45 on my previous attempt, didn’t fix anything.

TL;DR: ED Cured at NoFap day 85, suffered from ED for 4 years. Yeah buddies!

LINK – NoFap success > ED cured (at day 80)! 22yo, moderate PMO user.

by Danymite 85 days


100 days

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So it’s been a 100 days since my last fap. I don’t even think about fapping anymore, it’s simply not an option. I’m pretty sure I will never fap again.

Did NoFap on hardmode, had sex again for the first time about 3 weeks ago and found out my ED was cured. 3 weeks later I’ve been having lots of regular sex and things are still getting better. The flag is up even when I’m overly tired and not really want to have sex another time.

Thank you NoFap. Without reading success stories of other people I could not have done it. ED is totally curable. Embrace your sexuality, don’t fap ever again. The urges to fap will go away, you will want to be with real women instead. More importantly, you will work to improve yourself and be the best version of yourself you can possible be.