Age 22 – ED cured: I haven’t seen this type of erection on myself since I was like 16.

July 10, 2014

Can’t find my prior topic but I’ve done this for a month now and…
Seriously guys.
I can’t believe this.
I feel like my ED is gone.

I just completely eliminated my porn.
I have been thinking of real girls alot and I’ve been talking to them alot.
I’ve M:ed like two times, why? Because I had too :O

After one week without PMO I was kissing this girl for hours and didn’t go further. I got the biggest blue balls ever.. It hurt so bad lol :o When I did the M I had 0 thoughts of porn. Only this real girl I was kissing before.
I honestly think you can M every once in a while, try to avoid it as much as possible though.
But it so hard for your body to adapt in the beginning, so no wonder you get blue balls!

Now?? Blue balls = Gone.

Last night I was just talking to this girl on text.
It turned into dirty texts and she wanted to F pretty much.
When she asked: “What’s your shoe size? ;)
My D went from a worm to King Arthurs Sword in a second.

Anyways, I just came back to tell you guys…
Eliminate porn for god’s sake. You don’t need that shit!
And think of REAL babes ;) And talk to them. Do stuff with them.
Your buddy that you havn’t seen down there for a while will be back from his vacation before you know it.


Update: July 26, 2014,

Re: It worked 😀 ED gone

Skipped porn for a month now. I can have sex anytime I want.
I can M anytime I want, thinking of real girls though.
I can even O two times during one day.

It’s still not as perfect as when I was like 14 though, when I could M like… 8 times a day if I really wanted to haha.

Not that I want to do that today.

If I don’t O for like 2 days, my friend down there will be hard as steel ifv I get sexually aroused.

And this is by ELIMINATING porn for only 1 month, during which I have M and had sex, because I could get erections after like 1 week without porn.
Remember, i’ve been watching porn like everyday since I was 12

What I’ve done in summary

  • *Eliminated porn completely
  • Hanging out with real babes alot, thinking about them, kissing them, having sex ect.
  • Started to work out again
  • Eating/living a healthier life

Results after one month in summary

  • Super hard erections
  • The ability to maintain these erections, and getting them even after I have an O once.
  • Generally happier and not so lazy
  • More ripped body
  • Healthier lifestyle

Hope this helped! Eliminate that porn guys! Get your life together. Good luck.



Re: It worked 😀 ED gone

So now we are in August. Soon done with 2 months without porn. I’ve done the M and O and sex but no porn during all this time.

Results today: From not being able to maintain an erection to very strong boner today. Morning wood back. Yesterday, to my surprise, because I havn’t seen this on myself since I was like 16.
The boner was so hard that the D wasn’t standing straight when I was standing up, but it was an upwards decline on it. :D Aw yeah!

So this is 2 months without porn only. Been with girls, and thought of them while M. But only real girls ofc, that I know.

LINK – It worked 😀 ED gone

by Akainu