Age 22 – ED cured, more in tune with emotions & much happier

My 90 day report: Will start off by saying that I am a 22 year old guy, been PMO’ing since probably 13/14. I started nofap back in January around the new year had a couple 1-2 week stints with my most being 15 days until I started this streak. The original reason I started nofap was to cure PIED.

I was having serious trouble keeping an erection during sex, I would have to work to get it up in the first place and keeping it there was a mixture of reenacting what I would be seeing during porn. Keep in mind that my sex life was getting freakier and freakier before I started to experience PIED and my porn habits were also getting worse, I’m talking on my phone during lunch at work, secretly behind my at the time girlfriends back etc etc.

Anyways to start off a long story and shorten it for your reading pleasure, I met an amazing woman right at the start of my nofap streak (I’d actually met her a couple months prior at a party, but I didn’t really appreciate or recognize her then.) so essentially we’ve been seeing each other / dating for as long as this streak has been going and damn I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sex between us started almost instantly, and was 3-5 times a week depending on our schedule, and I can confidently say that I’ve never not been able to have sex with her due to PIED, keep in mind I had been seeing slight improvements from nofap already due to my shorter streaks. However I did have some difficulty getting hard some nights, she was incredible with me though, patient, calm and understanding, basically everything I needed to help relieve the anxiety that torments me when I have a beautiful woman in front of me naked and wanting to have sex with me and I can’t get hard. After a few weeks I told her about this nofap streak, my PMO addiction and what I was trying to do to overcome it (the two of us are very, very open with each other, we’re each others best friends at this point as well as significant others and there is nothing I wouldn’t tell her). As it turns out she had an ex with a pretty severe porn addiction, I’m talking they rarely had sex near the end of the relationship because he didn’t want to, she calmed me down and helped me see a side of nofap that helped me keep this streak alive and will forever help me keep this streak alive.

Not fapping is not a big deal, she doesn’t fap, she doesn’t fap because she prefers to have sex and get off that way (she can orgasm from PIV stimulation) and frankly I do too. What a lot of people here do is build this huge mountain that is nofap, it is hard to do, for a lot of people PMO is a severe addiction and I am by no means an expert in kicking addictions, I am simply telling you how I overcame my addiction and that was by bringing it down in my own head. Not fapping is a choice I wanted to make because the benefits drastically outweigh the negatives for me, looking at things logically the choice for me became simple, do not fap, do not look at porn. Period. And honestly when I started to look at things this way it became pretty easy to continue.

I didn’t need to take cold showers, I went through flatlines I went through periods where I was so incredibly horny I could barely think straight at work, I went through weeks where the only way I was getting erect was manual stimulation from my girlfriend, and I went through weeks where I’m barely taking her clothes off and my erection is rock hard. I can tell you that now at 90 days the benefits I’ve seen.

  • No PIED, no trouble getting hard in nearly a month
  • I used to have to have really intense/rough sex to orgasm, now I can orgasm from slow, calm sex (although it’ll take 25 minutes at least.
  • My erections are stronger and do not go away directly after sex, I’ve been able to continue having sex after an orgasm right through to another one. My erections used to be gone for hours instantly after climax.
  • I’m much more in tune with my emotions, I feel more and I can recognize when I’m sad, angry, happy etc much more easily
  • I’m more motivated, I’ve started running again, I used to workout constantly for my athletics when I was younger and that stopped at 18, now I’m back to a regular 5-6 workouts a week.
  • I’m in general playing computer games waaaaaaay less, a habit I was trying to kick for awhile.
  • I smile a lot more in general, and I’ve had people notice this, I’ve always been charismatic and happy, but lately people have genuinely commented that I’m a very happy person and they love being around me.
  • I sleep better and for more time, I used to be sleeping 4-5 hours a night on weekdays and kind’ve zombie through my day, now I sleep straight through a night for 7-8 hours. This may also be because I sleep with my girlfriend nightly and have sex before bed every night as well.

Anyways the benefits go on and on and if anyone wants to know more feel free to PM me, I don’t want to write an essay I just wanted to report back to you guys and tell you how I did it.

These past few months have been an emotional roller coaster, I’ve experienced some incredible moments and some heart-breaking moments, I’ve met an amazing woman who to be frank is the greatest thing in my life and I can confidently say that I’m the greatest thing in her life too.

Sex has become incredible, my orgasms are stronger, longer and way more intense, I feel connected to my significant other in a way I’ve never experienced, I cannot wait to be with her rather than I cannot wait to fuck her. I guess you could say my sex life used to be selfish and now it is the opposite, my sex life is about sharing my emotions with the person I love in the most intimate way possible.

tl;dr – I managed to not fap for 90 days because I whole changed my perception on not fapping, rather than viewing it as a humongous task I simply made it a decision I was going to make and stuck with it.

LINK – My 90 day report

by headbus