Age 22 – ED cured, perspective of women has changed

I’ve never had any ED problems before this year in college. After two times getting whiskey dick earlier this year I realized there might be some underlying cause. So in July I stopped watching porn. That was before I found this subreddit or YBOP. Just from not watching porn I flatlined for a solid month or so. It sucked.

Since I didn’t know it was supposed to happen it freaked me out.

Then I found nofap at the beginning of September and I’ve been going strong since with only one relapse which was pretty much to test my ED. Quitting porn earlier made nofap a lot easier I think. To those that are struggling I would suggest only quitting porn at first. Anyway today is day 46 or something and I just wanted to share my results.

The reason I started this, the ED, seems to be completely gone. In fact my erections seem better than when I was 14. I hooked up with a girl three times last weekend with only about five minutes between each session. This is crazy as I normally wouldn’t have been able to do that sober let alone intoxicated. Even after the third time, I was still ready to go again. Ridiculous.

Emotionally, I’ve changed a lot. I attend a university that is wildly obsessed with hookup culture and pretty much any weekend that I didn’t at least make out with a girl I felt like a total failure. Which was pretty often. Now I just go out to have fun and hooking up is a bonus.

Speaking of hooking up/making out with girls, it happens pretty much once a week now. I don’t know what changed, and I don’t even actively try to do it. It just happens. Which is pretty cool considering I’ve never been able to pull girls like that.

Also you really change your perspective on women. I actually get sorta irritated when I hear my friends talk about a girl’s ass or boobs or whatever. You just like stop focusing on that stuff. I no longer feel compelled to check out every girl at the gym or anywhere really.

Some other things to note: I had been stalling on weights at the gym for a few months. Since nofap, I’ve been hitting PR’s almost once a week. I guess the whole sexual energy carryover thing is real. Also I was worried about developing PE since I wasn’t constantly fapping. Nope. I could have lasted as long as I wanted with the girl last weekend.

So yeah, it’s pretty much been beneficial in every way. Also I’m at the point where I don’t even realize I’m doing nofap anymore. It’s just second nature not to fap. I’m really excited about everything that’s been happening. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

LINK – 22yo male, 46 day report (sorta) – ED cured amongst other things

By -007