Age 22 – ED, DE, PE, and anxious: I’m now a sexual beast

When I started 100 was the new 90. So in ode to that here is my 100 day report. I chanced upon nofap in a forum I frequent. It has without a doubt improved my life. My story:

I have PMO’d for about 7 years. I am a 22 YO male and have suffered from ED, PE, and DE. I was anxious, socially awkward, terrible with girls. It even came to rejecting girls through fear of ED.

Upon discovering nofap and the TED X Video I realised and admitted to myself I had a problem. After escalating extremities of porn, multiple tabs with ‘just the right scene’ to get me off, I knew I had lost myself to this addiction.


The first week was actually quite easy. I had momentum and my best friend was participating with me. I simply would not PMO. The habit was the hardest thing. I wanked before showers, so didn’t take my phone to the bathroom. I suppressed urges by going for late night walks, press ups, also cold showers in the morning had a positive effect for the day.

At one month I had my first flat line. It lasted a week. I felt asexual, cold to women, agitated and frustrated. Just suck it up. Who said that this would be easy? You’re starving your brain of its usual dopamine rush.

My second flat line hit about 6 weeks and again at 2 months, but for a only a few days that time. It came in waves. I just went with the flow, I had resolved myself to do this.

I met my now girlfriend during nofap (and wrote about it here

From 6-8 weeks onwards things became pretty automatic. I simply refused to let myself fap or look at any porn, and day 100 here I am.

The benefits:

My main goal was to eliminate ED. I feel cured. I have the best sex I have ever had in my whole life. Me and my GF connect and spark on each other like no other partner I’ve had. The sex is simply amazing; it’s real.

I am so much more confident. I look other males in the eye, but don’t seek to dominate or be aggressive. I speak clearly and don’t worry about rejection.

I go to the gym 3 times a week and take my protein shakes. This has always been something I have been saying I would do, and now I finally do. I am getting bigger too!

Nofap has made me evaluate my life, and make better choices and act on them faster.

I am positive about life and see possibilities and a future. I yearn to take on new projects and better myself.

I have strong erections (and do kegels). I also get hard simply through kissing. It has been referred to as the ‘bonor hormone’ somewhere on this reddit and it’s accurate. When I kiss my partner I get aroused. I haven’t looked at porn intentionaly, but I don’t think it would arouse me as much as my partner could!

I have became a sexual beast. I am nearly always horny, but I don’t mind, and I won’t bother my partner if she isn’t feeling horny. I love feeling so alive.

Nofap has improved my life drastically. I am so so grateful I found this site. I thank you, my brothers and sisters. You are an amazing community. I joined at 11k members, how we have grown!

tl:dr Nofap is a choice. Your choice. Choose to be the person you want to be, who you WILL be. This is my first nofap attempt, through mental willpower I choose not to relapse.

Happy to answer any questions. I still visit nofap daily, I love the stories and if I can help anyone with advice I will.

Thank you all.

LINK – 100 days of Nofap. I am a sexual beast.

by fearandloathing89