Age 22 – ED is cured: My erections are now diamond hard and long lasting,

22 /m from northern Norway. First off I want to thank this forum and all the amazing people contributing every day, you guys are truly great. This will be my first time posting because its time for me to give something back.

I stumbled upon nofap in April. Back then I experienced ED problems with almost every girl that I was with. I thought there was something wrong with my dick, and I started experimenting with different kinds of nitric oxide supplements to improve blood flow, horny goat weed because of the PDE5 inhibitor and so forth. This forum and yourbrainonporn opened my eyes to the real problem, porn, and its effect on my brain.

Im not going to go into specifics on my porn habits, but it had escalated into a stage where I felt disgusted after I was done jerking off. My sex life got worse and worse by the years and by April I could not get it up with the girl that I was with. That’s the worst feeling, not being able to get it up to the beautiful girl next to you. My sexual confidence was in ruins.

When I stumbled upon nofap I decided to try it out by jerking off once a week for a month. After the month was done I decided to go all in. My longest streak after that was 28 days. I continued dating within the period and noticed that my erections and sexual attraction to real life women slowly returned. I also experienced the so called “superpowers” in the sense of more confidence, less anxiety, and just an overall better feeling of wellbeing. My 90-days streak started july 5th, a few weeks after that I met my new girlfriend. I still had some problems with PIV, but I believe it was mainly because of a flatline period.

At day 80 this all changed. I remember going to my GFs apartment and fucking her 4 times (10-15 mins each time) in one night. My erections are now diamond hard and long lasting, I can`t express how thankful I am to have found the nofap community.

Im not going back to PMO, whenever im tempted I look back on the times where Im holding my limp dick in my hand next to a naked girl. Never again.

LINK – 90 days. PIED cured

by NorthernLights5