Age 22 – (ED): Just about cured in 8 weeks

Hi there. 22 y/o male, started the reboot on october 1st (almost 1 month no O and 6 weeks no P).

I feel like my situation is different from anyone here, Had my first girlfriend 5 years ago and was very sexually active at that time.  I would have sex with her 5-6 times/week but would still PMO when I wasn’t with her.  The first 6-7 months I was ok then I started having ED problem.  I was still able to have sex but ED was worsening.  I thought I wasn’t attracted by her anymore and we broke up.

Then I had 3 years with little to no sex so I would PMO before sleeping or when I’m bored.  I never been addicted to it or switched to hardcore stuff, but I would PMO before sleeping 5-6 days a week.

So I stopped porn 6 weeks ago and I am not missing it really, over last week I started having wet dream (three time) and weak morning woods.

The problem is now I have a new girlfriend which really turn me on, I would get 80-100% when we kiss and touch but I randomly lose it which is pretty frustrating.  I even tried Cialis and it didn’t helped really.  On the opposite, I can stay hard for 30 mins if I do watch porn but would also lose my erection as soon as I stop watching it.

I know it’s mental since I was ok before and can still manage to get 100% hard but won’t keep it longer than 1-2 minutes.

I am in a distance relationship and we see each other every 2 weeks or so.  I still manage to do sex with her without orgasm (I go down and sometimes she just tease me without any O).  I told her I would be able to have sex with her around christmas (3 months mark) but I don’t even know if I will be able.  It’s been almost 30 days so far and still don’t have any libido.  Not seeing any improvements yet other than wet dream or super weak morning woods.

I’m seeing her in 2 weeks and I wonder if I should try to have sex with her or still wait for the 3 months mark (christmas)

LINK – How long to heal?

by derp22

October 28, 2013,

Only 6 weeks!?

November 26, 2013

Don’t know if I am cured yet, but I had sex for 5 days straight and ‘O’ about 10 times.  That thing is so weird;

Day 1; No erection, no sex, pretty frustrating when entering in a new relationship

Week 2; Same thing, even with Cialis, had some erections but would lose them really quickly

Week 4; Huge libido (1 months no PMO/O), had sex for 2 days with ‘O’ but had a HUGE flat-line on the third day (even in shower)

Week 6; For any reason, I managed to get hard and stay.  I would say I could go to 70-80% without any stimulation (only me going down on her) and 100% with BJ.  I thought it would do like week 4 but I my libido stayed.  I had weaker erections on the last day (enough for penetration but still) but it might be only due to fatigue.

I’m seeing her every 2 weeks and I just feel like 2 weeks is a lot in the process.  I’m lucky that my gf is very patient, she said she take penetration as an extra since I’m going down on her very often (3-4 times day), so I don’t have any pressure or anything.

I made this thread just to show that it’s possible to do progress even with O (never masturbate or watched porn tho)
I also did a LOT of rewiring the first 4 weeks, which seems to help.