Age 22 – ED: masturbated at day 97 and my libido came roaring back

Hey guys this is my first post on NoFap, I’m 22 and have been a lurker here for some time now discovered your brain on porn (YBOP) late December and from then on have been rebooting since the 1st of January. Had tried in the past to give up fapping and porn but failed. I realized I was addicted to both and they were having a negative effect on my life. I told myself I was destroying my youth and with a strange inner resolve gave up completely and without much struggle.

Porn had also effected my relationships with women and I have experienced ED a couple of time in the past because of it. I’m a good looking guy and never had trouble with getting girls but as soon as things got hot and heavy I would lose my erection. This destroyed me emotionally I felt i’d lost my manhood and my life.

10- 15 days into no fap I had a huge surge of energy and zeal for life. I couldn’t believe how beneficial no fap was, but then after about 3 weeks in came the flatline. My libido went to zero and to make things worse women we all over me, I had so many opportunities but was afraid to act upon them and even turned them away because I was afraid I wasn’t fully recovered. Low libido is really a horrible thing it was terrifying, I felt asexual for a long time. I experienced wet dreams nearly ever week during the reboot first they were about porn but then they changed to girls I knew, which was a good indicator of recovery. Between day 60-70 I decided to give it a shot with this girl but my sex drive was still very low ended up only getting head in the end because she was on her period. The flatline continued I was quite depressed because of it but I kept going I knew I had to fight on.

Around day 97 I fapped no porn involved no chaser effect etc. Decided to fap once a week after that and let me tell you guys my libido returned like a fuckin rocket! couldn’t believe it and it wasn’t for porn it was for the girls that had been around me all the time. I feel like a animal now ha! I lost my fire in life because of porn but now its back and its INCREDIBLE! I ended up with with another girl on day 104 and ED wasn’t an issue at all just did my job like all the men on the earth who have lived before me!

Listen guys its a tough struggle but keep going its worth it in the end but you guys will find that out for yourselves soon enough.

Thanks NoFap and YBOP

LINK – Hope for anybody who is flatlining, my 116 day perspective

BY – Banbha