Age 22 – (ED) Much more libido, Morning wood is back, I’m more confident/happy

I started PMO at age 12 or 13. I decided to stop fap and porn when i started to look hardcore porn and also because i “failed” sex twice with 2 different woman…(One of this was my first time and i thought that fail was causing by stress).

My fight began 4 years ago… ( Yes it’s hard ) I failed each time because I edged and sometimes when i was feeling really sad but this time has been different ! My parents are alcoholic and i can tell you that’s not easy everyday , but since I’m doing nofap i don’t care about my parents… It’s sad i know but nofap have taught me to stop wasting my times with things that are bad for me such as :

– Alcohol ( i’m abstinent for 1 year )

– I have been starting to play less video games for each months ( 40-50 hrs past 15 days according to steam to 20 hrs )

– I have stopped ( but not completely ) nail biting (English translation)

– I have gave up my friends because they was toxic for me , i have become a sort of person with a great sense of truth and honor so i have stopped to have regret ( there is a lot of work with women anyway 😀 ) . I have stopped to be a follower and to do all for people who don’t care about me . I have lost many “friends” of course , but only bad 😀 , only professional liar who have no balls to assume what they do and what they are. Yes I’m an alpha now but that doesn’t matter because I’m happy with people who DESERVES my friendship . I don’t care about what other think about me , i do what i want now. This months taught me that I’m the only person who wont let me down.

And about girls ??? I have also experienced like many others fapstronauts that i have been more attracting to the opposite sex

for example 2 weeks ago: in a party, a girl ask me to kiss her friend ( WTF ?). I kissed her friend all the night and she asked me my phone number. I want to be with a girl that I’m loved so i have stopped to talk with her. Woman watch me more for sure but i don’t know if it’s because of nofap or because I’m more confident/happy with more magnetism…

I have really really more libido. I have boner everyday and morning wood too ( i had 2 wet dreams trough this 90 days ). I can be aggressiveness when I see hot girl in the gym .My balls are bigger. I ‘m addicted to music like a crazy too , i think that i could listen to music all the day 😀 . My emotions have changed too! I’m less “emotional”.  I don’t know how to explain but I have aggressiveness instead of sadness when something is not wrong. I don’t need to cry and i think that could be hard. I’m really less empathic (That’s not good sometimes ).

If anyone has questions 😀 , i will really glad to answer them. I want to thank this nofap reddit which are help me a lot 🙂

Note : English is not my native language and i try to be my best =)

LINK – 93 days report ( hardmode )

by zakhat1