Age 22 – ED, My life is overall better & here’s the science behind NoFap

I don’t speak English well so bear with me. First I dont give a shit about the people who think NoFap is a joke and complete bullshit. This is good for me because this means less competition. Nobody wants world full with dudes with high sex drives, motivation and all the benefits NoFap provides.

Let them drown in porn and cum every night while I try to better myself and pursue real life relationships. You probably would say “but then why are you here and take advantage of everything that NoFap provides? Advice and experience of thousands of other people and so on? Are you hypocrite? You only want to read great stuff and fuck the others in need” Or something like that… Well when I first found yourbrainonporn and NoFap I didnt come here and start mocking people. I read everything I educated myself I saw that I have a problem and started doing it. This is the difference.

But the majority of people just say that this is bullshit, dont even read the sidebar, dont search the Internet and just insult us. Well why should you try to pour knowledge in this people? So why am I here? I try to ignore when these crazy discussions happen and stupid opinions get thrown around but some things just bother me. When people say that this is pseudoscience and that there is no evidence… this is just infuriating. And hardcore NoFap users do it too. So I am about to drop some “science” on you.

First lets talk about people and communities., /r/NoFap, /r/pornfree,,,, There are probably many others that somehow discuss the idea of porn and masturbation and the damage they do. Millions of people worldwide and almost every single one says that quiting excessive PMO leads to better life, better sex and better relationship with the other sex. No matter what is the case, when millions of people around the world say something you should probably check it out. Of couse that doesnt mean anything yet.

I think this is the place to say that we are discussing heavy porn use and excessive masturbation. If you jack off 1-2 times a week for 15 minutes I doubt that PMO is big problem. In my worse periods I edged for 7-8 hours a day without a break. Yeah it was bad.

We can divide the effects of PMO in two: Psychological and physiological.

I.Physiological 1.Semen. Most people masturbate to orgasm. Small % dont cum just edge and this is not for them. The average load is 3-4 ml. The semen consist of this: Also testosterone Also vit. B12 Creatine also: So you can see what are you flushing down the toilet when you cum. The amount of most minerals in semen is minimal but the zinc is quite a bit. You can see in wikipedia that you lose 1/2 mg per load. The daily recommendation for males is around 11mg a day. So you can see that if you jack off more than once per day and follow low zinc diet which is easy if you eat bad, you can become zinc deficient easy. You can read what the effects are. Some of them sound familiar to you? Also you lose testosterone and vit. B12. Creatine is vital for muscle strength and energy. Flavines are synthesized from riboflavin (vit. B2) so you need more of this too. So its safe to say that if you cum too often you can deprive your body of vital chemicals to function properly. Here you can read about phosphatidylcholine and what the deficiency does to your body. This is found in semen too.

2.Brain hormones. Now this topic is very problematic. I know that most people who bash NoFap want Nobel prize winners and the entire scientific community to come and say “porn is bad for you”. And even then some people wouldn believe. They will fight hard to defend their bad habits because they hate to be wrong they hate to change they hate to admit that they are wrong they hate to leave their comfort zone. The bad thing is that no one understands pornography addiction so well so he can come forward and clear every detail about it. Lets start with dopamine. If you read this you will see that it has big role in reward seeking. Or simply said you do something rewarding as good food, sex , drugs etc, dopamine is released. Interesting and short read with sources. You need to read this and this This is good read about cocaine addiction and delta fosB: ABout dopamine and novelty seeking. ANother big article about dopamine and reward circuitry. And many others. So what conclusions can we draw from this? Well dopamine plays huge role in addictions. The more you engage in addicting and reward inducing behaviour (shitty use of words) the more dopamine you will produce, the more you will need do get your fix. More heavy porn you watch and more you masturbate. So you strengthen this neurological pathway and soon enough it becoms habit. It gives you pleasure and you seek more of it. Simple. So what does this do to your mind? Well since not many things give you these huge dopamine drug-like spikes you just engage in behaviour that does this. This makes everyday stuff like going out with friends, talking with people and enjoing life and nature very dull. Its like going at the swings after you were at disneyland. Same reason why heavy drug users use more and more until someday they OD.

Okay why some people use it very little while others jack off 10 hours a day? Well its hard to say because we dont know if these people arent just getting started. Also people with not so bad porn addiction have SOs, work, social life. Maybe they help them not to sink too deep. Keeps their mind occupied some of the time and provide them with other sources of enjoyment. Also it matters if you started 10 years old with HD internet porn or with bad fashion magazines pics. Porn was hard to get just 10 years ago and many werent exposed so much at young age. And that matters because we know that childs brain is much more plastic. Another interesting article.

So what happens when you orgasm? The levels of this hormone rise significantly. And you can see that decreases the levels of dopamine estrogen in women and testosterone in men. It is also responsible for the sexual gratification or why you feel “meh” after sex ot masturbating. So we see that when you jack off constantly you will keep prolactin levels high for more time than nonjacking person. This means less testosterone. We already have two other reasons for less testosterone: its in the cum and loss of zinc which is essential for optimal levels of testosterone. Also low levels of T and zinc can lead to low DHT levels. DHT is the hormone that makes you manly (body structure, hair, voice etc.) Other links: The articles are very good and can explain all this 100 times better. Gary Wilson is professor of anatomy and physiology and knows his stuff. Also cites studies when he can. Or you just can type porn addiction and read thousand of articles and stories of people who all say this is true.

II. Psychological Well is a great website. Many M.Ds write articles there and if you search pornography you can read great stuff. Examples:

huge dump of links with studies:

III. Stuff. So why hardcore porn users report of energy, motivation, less social anxiety and great libido when rebooting? Well after you stop depriving your body of vital chemicals and stop jacking off a few hours a day its pretty clear that you are going to have more energy and motivation. Also when you stop with porn your brain starts to seek other activies to get its “fix”. You get your reward and dopamine rush simply from simple stuff in life like talking with people, enjoying nature, reading a book and so on. Why you like real girls more? Well when you abuse porn you see thousands of girls and the novelty is never ending. They are perfect, always new and exciting. You dont need the real thing. The real thing doesnt change its shape and face every second. The real thing smells, talks, feels, lives, thinks, demands… You dont need to deal with this stuff when they are on the screen.

Super powers This fucking word… Its pretty clear that we do not experience super powers we just return to our normal life. To many of us the clear mind and the new found energy are like powers because we didnt had them until now. Its just stupid that some people grab this word and base their opinion on the subreddit from it. How stupid are some of you? And what is this shit about the cult-like atmosphere? With the same logic any support group is a fucking cult… We say stupid things we motivate each others however we can. And for many of us its the only place where you can say that you jack off 10 times a day and dont get laughed at. And instead people give you advice and motivation. I am 24 years old and masturbated furiously from 11-12 yo to 22 yo. I watched all the porn types you can name and shemales, traps, crossdressers and all kinds of shit. I cant say this to anyone except here. Many people are the same way. They pour out their soul here – the only place anyone can hear them. Of course it may seem weird for other people. Be more tolerant. This place is filled with SJWs but the hate is everywhere.

This is getting long. This is tiny tiny fraction of the problem. All I wanted to do is to show you that if you search you can find. And you must be open to new things and not just insulting people just because YOU think its stupid. For me it works. I feel better, my ED is almost entirely gone. My life is overall better. I dont give a shit what you think. For all I care you can stick to your porn its better this way for me. You better read and upvote this shit.

For the hardcore NoFapers: Stop being pathetic and stop jacking off like a loser. Go out and make life your bitch. Life doesnt want unworthy men enjoying its divine gifts. This is why life throws you obstacles and problems… to prove that you are man. Go crush them and enjoy it.

TL;DR: Read this shit.

LINK – This is for the nonbelievers and deniers.

by slona