Age 22 – ED, social anxiety, depression & brain fog

So, after 85 days of not fapping after being a multiple fap per day addict for many years… I can say partaking in nofap has been the best decision I have made in my life. I won’t go into detail about specific improvements because I experienced what everyone seems to experience. I’ll make a quick list.#1 Improvement: Social anxiety improved DRASTICALLY
–includes confidence, eye contact, comfort interacting, smoothness, etc.

–More energy in general -Clearer, sharper mind, more concentration -More vibrant looking face -Acne is non existant -Depression alleviated -Desire to interact with women -Boners are back!!

I decided to do nofap because of depression, brain fog, social anxiety, low energy, and porn induced ED. I went into it with high expectations, and those expectations were surpassed. I am continuing to make hugely profound progress in all these areas, especially social anxiety.

Today, at the age of 22, was the first time in my life I texted a girl and asked her to hang out with me one on one. Girls have always shown interest in me in the past, but I have always been to socially inept to hang out or go on dates. I just never felt comfortable enough to do it. I thought I never would. Today I hit up this cute girl who has been interested in me and we went hot tubbing. It took me a while but I finally made a move and we made out and I played with her magnificent titties for hours. Although I have had sex with 7 different women in my life (all in college) this was the first time I had actually set up a date and made a move. In the past it had always been at parties or random shit like that. She texted afterwards and obviously had a good time. This NEVER would have happened before nofap. I was just so comfortable and anxiety free.

I also had a huge boner the whole time (awesome)! I had gotten to the point where the last few times I tried to have sex I couldn’t even get hard. I needed porn and self stimulation. Tonight I got rock hard from just kissing.

Now for some advice for those of you in the early stages or pondering trying nofap:

-Just try it! It can’t hurt you, and you’d be surprised how helpful it can be. I didn’t even ponder the possibility my fapping was causing me so many problems. Now I realize it was making my life exponentially more difficult.

-If you’re young and reading about this stuff, do it now! My biggest regret is that I was porn addicted throughout my college career. I can’t even imagine how much better college life would have been if I had been my true confident and comfortable self throughout. Would have been a much better social life, and would have been rolling in women as opposed to about 2 per year.

-Recovery is NOT linear. This journey has been extremely tumultuous. I felt awesome the first week. The next 2-3 weeks was a terrible flatline. I felt as bad as I had for years. Depressed, lifeless, anxious, irritable, tired, etc. It literally felt exactly like a comedown from cocaine or adderall; certainly all dopamine related. The key is not to get distressed or disillusioned by these flatlines. My last flatline came around day 70 when I thought I was over it. Nope. The good news is that after every flatline I reached a new level of improvement. I came out stronger each time. Just think of he mood swings as a sign that real change is taking place inside your brain.

As for the future, I don’t really plan on ever fapping again. I have no desire to, and especially am not interested in porn anymore. In fact I accidentally saw some the other day and it was just disgusting more than anything. I have real human fantasies now. Although I don’t see anything wrong with the occasional fap without porn, I just don’t have the desire. In fact, I didn’t really have the desire the entire 3 months. Relapsing was never an issue for some reason.

Anyway, I want to thank nofap for helping me make such an important and drastic improvement to my lie, and wish all of you luck in your own journeys.


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