Age 22 – Erectile Dysfunction fixed with a short break

Hey everyone!

Never posted here before but I wanted to share my experience. I began the Nofap journey when I was at my lowest dealing with Erectile Dysfunction. At that point I was worrying so much about it that it made the problem worse so I took the Nofap challenge as extreme as I could. That meant no porn, no masurbating, no touching my penis (except for using the bathroom) and overall just ignoring my penis all together. Whenever I started feeling the urge for anything sexual, I’d start sifting through already existing memories of my girlfriend to get my fill but still no physical contact or orgasms.

At first this didn’t really feel different and I was worried it was useless after a week or 2. One day the sexual frustration of picturing my girlfriend for so long and not doing anything just built up enough to push me. It pushed me to the point where I didn’t care about ED or fears or anything. I was a lust driven beast focused solely on giving and receiving pleasure with my girlfriend. ED wasn’t even apparent anymore. Nofap didn’t give me some positive outlook on life or made me feel more energetic, healthy, focused etc. It made me annoyed and very sexually frustrated to the point where I overcame my fear. I went from sex once a week (if we’re lucky) to 3 times in an hour. And that’s only about 3 weeks in. Granted, the first time, I had become so sensetive that I was ready to cum literally upon entry. 2nd time around lasted much longer.

I don’t know if this works for everyone. I sincerely hope it does. I didn’t experience the new outlook on life like most of the fortunate users on here and am somewhat jealous. But Nofap did what I needed it to and I would recommend it 10 times out of 5! Stay positive my friends and hang in there. Never give in against your rules. Be strong and you might just see the results. I know I did.

3 weeks in. Mission accomplished

Good luck everyone!

LINK – How NoFap helped me out with ED (Erectile dysfunction)

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I’m [22 M] losing erections pre-penetration. Girlfriend [22 F] doesn’t want to help with foreplay. I don’t know what to do anymore

Hi everyone.

So this is a bit of a follow up from my previous post

I’ve discussed sex on a whole with my girlfriend and she’s told me her side of the story. She says the fact that I need help to stay erect where as I didn’t need any help at all a few months back is what bothers her. She feels that I’m just not attracted to her and it makes her feel ugly and disgusted when I ask for oral or help in general. She just wishes we could snap back to our amazing sex life. But the fact that I need help every single time makes her feel like I’m not attracted to her.

I’ve reassured her the best I can but we’ve had a month and a half of either her helping me (apparently she just tried to ignore that she needed to do that but wasn’t happy about it) or me losing an erection and ruining the night. After all that, my words don’t hold as much weight.

I don’t worry about losing an erection when I’m with her. I do my best to focus on how excited I am to be this close with her and how good it’ll feel. But when we’re making out, I start shaking a bit and my body gets nervous while my mind is trying to figure out why my body is shaking. Then she tries to get me to speed up by saying she wants me inside her now. Pressure is on. Erection either doesn’t appear or is too soft to penetrate. She gets upset.

I get really confused because I crave her all day and really really REALLY want to have sex with her. I don’t know why my body is being this way. And she is not up for oral, foreplay etc. She wants me to just go for the gold like I used to. So because she doesn’t feel comfortable helping in that department, I’m on my own trying to fix this.

I’ve tried stopping masturbation for a week prior to sex. Got awesome erections before the same problem happened. I haven’t seen porn for months. I tried eating better. I’ve tried C-rings but the use of a foreign object to help upsets her. I found that if I masturbate enough with her in the other room, I can get almost hard and sometimes rock solid but the minute I let off, I go soft slowly.

I can completely see why she feels the way she does and it kills me when she says that I just don’t want her because I know that I do. Since I’m on my own with this problem, what do I do now? I just want this to go away because I know if our sex life returns even a little bit, we’ll be so much better off. This is depressing both of us.

Any ideas?

TL;DR: Still having problems with erections and performance anxiety. Girlfriend is uncomfortable helping me. I’m on my own. Help?