Age 22 – Finally have motivation and energy to change my life

I’m 22 and the reason why I started nofap was because of my not existing libido while I was in a relationship. The main benefit I noticed was the motivation and energy to finally change my life and this fire still burns even though I fapped. Wont start it on a regular basis of course. I’m not in a relationship anymore and I was never really interested in chasing ONS, so only my next relationship will tell [if I’m recovered] but I’m definitely positive about it.

So I just fapped by reaching the 90 Day mark, without Porn of course and I feel great! Same feeling as before even a bit more calm now. Will wait again until my next time, but as long as I’m single I’ll fap from time to time. Glad I made this challenge. Living the best life ever so far!

it was a calculated decision. didnt feel any new improvements for a long time so I thought I get down to zero and be able to experience a new testosterone high

LINK – Fapped after 90 Days

By BlinkCH