Age 22 – Had severe PIED: Now – I was hard the whole time, and she said did you take any medicines?


I am from Muslim majority country where getting sex is something really really hard. Anyways coming back to the topic and making things short. I have been masturbating from past 10 years. I am 22 right now. I had been facing all the nightmares that porn could ever give to anyone.

No wet dreams, no morning wood, no friends (not even males), no girl to even talk to even on fb. I was in severe ED. Tried to have sex with two prostitutes in past yet had no erection in bed and it made me even more of a jerk believing the fact that I am no more a man in the world.

I started NoFap 38 days back with my full dedication and believe me whatever I am about to say is gonna be real.

I have got some wonderful friends, great ones who would die for me. I have got 3 official gfs. One I got from fb, one is a friend of my friend, and one is from a random meeting. I had my date in this period after a big time. Even I was having a lot of anxiety still got my kisses and hugs. Another meeting with the same girl and I had solid erections and she masturbated me. The third time we met on bed was awesome; we kissed and hugged for more than an hour and she gave me blowjobs and masturbated me yet she couldn’t give me a release, I was hard the whole time, and she said did you take any medicines? I said nah… I didn’t fuck her because she was on periods.

Another benefit is that now I start to love myself, I have started gym and eating clean (mostly vegetables, no sugar and oil). I see myself beautiful now, and not the ugly useless freak. My life is like totally changed.

Perhaps I am still on flat line as my erections are not strong and urges are just bearable. But guess what today I had my first wet dream of my life. I am just so happy thinking about getting married in next 5 years.

I love you NoFap and everyone here who has supported me.

LINK – Day 38 and my life is totally changed.

by _Syed