Age 22 – Half year with NoFap, and a half without

Hi! One year ago, I started my NoFap journey and I made it for a half year and then I gave up on it because I was curious what happened if I started fapping again..

I felt the ‘superpowers’ (if we still call it that), I found so many new habits, started my own company, got a job etc. etc, much thanks to the motivation I got from NoFap.

However, recently I’ve been feeling off, it feels like a depression, just the one I felt before I found NoFap one year ago.
I’m not usually the kind of guy that get depressions and stuff, I find myself mentally strong, but this time of the year combined with regular masturbation is driving me crazy.

From today I am going to start my journey again, and hopefully my depression will go away. The difference from last year is all my habits I’ve kept, and my goal this journey is to find more healthy habits.

It’s nice to see that this community has grown, last time I was here it was 90 000 members!

Thanks for existing.

(I have reset my badge, just waiting for it to go back to 0)

LINK – Half year with NoFap, and a half without

by mati91


160 days I was unable to perform at 100% until..

Until I fapped.
Before I started NoFap I was an addict, I couldn’t go a day without watching porn and do a quickie several times a day.
As I progressed in NoFap and my energy increased, but after about 60 days I lost my zen, I went to long without masturbation.. I am a programmer and for the last 160 days my mind was getting weaker and everything seemed overwhelming.
I have made several tests with masturbation & NoFap to get back my zen, but in the long run it turned out the same.

This is what I do different now:
Orgasm, but retain the semen.
There are several tricks to not shoot out all your magic life force.
I have done this for 3 weeks now and I have been able to work at full capacity every single day.
So if you are noticing difficulty to focus even after maybe 100 days, try it. I can’t promise anything, but this is what works for me.

My body is not designed to avoid masturbation/orgasms for super long periods. Masturbation and retaining the semen is actually key for giving me full control of my mind.