Age 22 – (HOCD) 4 Months of NoFap- social anxiety gone + Strange arousal from women?

I’m a 22 y/o male virgin and I’ve been nofap for four months. I’ve noticed this bizarre attraction of women towards me now. Short backstory on me – been pmo’ing since 12, hardcore since 16,lost drive to live and have sex.

Never asked a girl out, afraid of rejection. Saw an article on NoFap and thought it was completely and utter bullshit, dismissed it as some gay shit. Also read an article about how masturbation helps prostate cancer so I continued. Then I started feeling worse and worse, anxiety getting more and more deblitating. Low arousal around women unless they’re in skimpy outfits. Feeling like shit, demotivated and I couldn’t shake it off. Brother told me the dangers of fapping few months ago, then read an article about how porn damages your brain.Scared the fck outta me so I quit cold turkey.

Day 1. Was irritated nothing changed. Deleted all my pics off my iPhone and laptop.

Day 8. I started feeling a WHOLE lot better. Anxiety and depression diminished, just generally feeling happy and like a human being. Also becoming more horny.

End of Week 2. VIVID DREAMS. Day after day from this point I started getting the most intense,vibrant, radiating dreams I have ever had in my life. It was shocking and scary at the same time. At this point I had no doubt that noFap was the truth and there was definitely something brain-related going crazy with me.

Week 4.FLATLINE AND BIZARRE ATTRACTION FROM WOMEN. This week my libido dropped completely and I felt asexual. This is one of the most hardest experiences I have ever to go through aside from HOCD which helped me start nofap in the process. Then around this time I started getting an unreal of attention from women. Everywhere I went, women would be eyeing me down hard and even giving me compliments, something I never gotten before. From GORGEOUS CHICKS. Still having low self-esteem, I first attributed this to placebo and confidence, but then realized it couldn’t be that bc I felt like shit in a flatline, and my anxiety had gotten worse, and I didn’t even look or talk to women. Sometimes women would blatantly approach me outta nowhere. One girl I walked past even ran to me and gave me her number. It was so unreal to me bc I never had that attention before. A gorgeous blonde chick hopped out her car and handed me 20$ and gave me a comefuckme look but I was too nervous to act on it. I looked up online to see if anyone had this phenomena and luckily found a ton of ppl who knew what I was talking about but also a lot of ppl saying it was all in the mind/posture or placebo.

So I did a little test with what my gut was telling me. I noticed I got more attention when I wore gym shorts so I decided to go to Food Lion without any boxers wearing my black gym shorts. LO and BEHOLD, women were THIRSTY AF stalking me. When I went to the junk isle, this sexy older white women prob late twenties, passed me then walked up to me and called me baby! Then she looked at me to see if I would say anything, but being too taken aback I didn’t say anything and let it go. Then when I went to the snack these two cute asian chicks passed me then after 5 seconds did a COMPLETE U-TURN and started talking literally right in my face waiting for me to say something. Still nervous I went to checkout my things 5min later, then they RAN to my self-checkout isle right when I was about to leave. I was really being stalked. I confirmed from this that there was something else going on that’s not placebo or confidence. I know it has something to do with semen retention. Why else girls, who’ve been ignoring me my whole life are all of a sudden attracted to me? It’s not like I bought new clothes or anything I wear the same white shirt. What’s even more crazy is some girls will notice from 30 feet away. Sometimes when I’m across the streets a couple girls blew kisses at me. What can explain this i’m not even looking in their direction, I don’t even notice them like usual, nothing about my outward demeanor has changed.

Week 5. INSANE ENERGY. One of these days in WEEK 5 I woke up with incredible indescribable energy. ZERO ANXIETY NO MATTER HOW MUCH I TRIED. I jumped up and down for two hours straight I couldn’t contain it made me so happy. Such a huge contrast from my weak, fatigued, depressed self. I even had to courage to talk to a female cashier at the store and then I started talking to random ppl out of nowhere. It felt great. For just this day alone, my entire nofap journey would have been worth it.

Week 7. In college this hot blonde chick I sit next two have been giving me huge IOI’s. Weeks before nofap she wouldn’t talk to me but now she won’t leave me alone. Not trying to boast, but there’s this tatted up well-spoken army vet we sit next to who I think is surely more attractive than me but she doesn’t even pay him any attention. In fact she completely ignores him and only greets me, I almost feel bad for him lol bc she’s very attractive and funny. Also something funny two girls who’ve friend zoned me for two months one of them decided to give me their number. The other hasn’t but is very giggly and goggly-eyed around me for some reason. I was thinking on standing her up to get back revenge lol. Women give me this strange look now, as if they’re bewildered lol and act they get very feminine when they’re close to me. I also get more attention from men too. It’s like I got more respect somehow. The cashier that works at my food lion randomly decided to open up the line just for me today. On my way back the next day, I walked passed a crowd of black goons who looked like they were gambling me, instead of being mean/beating me up they dapped and said what sup cmd fk with us. The guys that sit behind me at English class, complimented me and said I’m cool as hell. Which is weird bc I never say anything in class. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this it’s been incredible.

MONTH 2- I finally got the courage to cold approach a chick! She walked past me and I told myself it’s now or never so I called at her very loud. Then I motioned her to come to me with my fingers. At this time I felt extreme nervousness at the same this huge burning sensation which I never felt before. Idk how i did but I swept her off her feet for about 30 seconds then got her number it was like pure instinct. I was very charming but nervous at the same time but it didn’t reach my body. After I got her number I felt like the happiest guy in the world. Yes I can do this. I speculate getting laid in the very near future.

This wouldn’t have ever been possible without NoFap and I want to thank every single member on this board for putting me on to this it’s been a hell of a ride since! More to write but this a whole lot right now let me know what you think! Have anyone been through what I’ve been through?

LINK – 4Months of NoFap-Social Anxiety GONE + Strange arousal from women?

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