Age 22 – I appreciate women in a whole new way

So here I am, 90 days later. 90 days after the day I decided to never ever fap again. 90 days since I watched porn the last time. Ever.

For me, the journey has not been very rough regarding cravings, even if I do admit that I’ve fapped a whooole lot in my 22 year old life and watched LOADS of porn.

The worst part has been the periods of mood swings. I’d say around 30 days in or so. Also had a few periods of lethagy and bluntness but as I mentioned, it’s not been extremely hard, luckily.

The best part of this is the different feeling I get from meeting women now. I get attracted in another way, in a stronger way and I feel like I appreciate the personality of the girl more than before. There is more connection between me and the person I talk to so to speak. That is if we like each other of course…

I’ve also had a easy time finding motivation to go doing weight training. Before it was sometimes a struggle to get enough energy to leave the room and get to the gym but now I much rather go there then staying home by myself.

My next step is to approach a lot more girls I find attractive. I see gorgeous girls every day as I live in a city with a whole lot of students of my age. This summer will be…awesome!

Another great thing is that I find it cool to connect with other males about the subject of nofap. I’d like to bring as many friends of mine into this as possible. Now I often notice that I almost judge people who still watches porn and jerks off (By that, I mean the people who doesn’t even try to quit). I don’t want to judge anyone in the end though. This is my life and they have theirs to focus on. Better to focus my frame internally, that’s when good thigns happen.

Last but not least: GOOD LUCK to everyone who chooses this way of life. There is no place for wanking in your life, I promise. It won’t give you anything.

Long term pleasure > Fapping

LINK – 90 glorious days in the life of a fapstronaut

by Hokkalovglo