Age 22 – I came inside of her (with a condom) 5 TIMES!!!

I’ve been participating in NoFap off and on for the last few years. I lost my virginity when I was 17, and it wasn’t until now, a 22-year old, that I finally finished during PIV sex.

It’s been a rough year. My Mom passed away last New Year’s Eve, and I’ve been battling a debilitating mood disorder. Porn had been my escape for years, as I was sexually abused as a young child, and was hyper-sexualized for years before I had it.

Flash forward to this past October: I met this girl. I think this is THE one, and sex has been phenomenal. I think most of us can agree that with PMO, sex can be kind of underwhelming. But with her? It’s been a near-spiritual experience. I was open to her about my problems, and she was completely understanding. Apparently, it’s even more common than I thought. So, we had sex without the pressure to orgasm, and she even made me come with blowjobs and handjobs a few times. Since I’m generally spending my nights with her, I have no desire to masturbate to porn, so even without going on streaks, I managed to slowly wean myself off of PMO. This past week? I came inside of her (with a condom) 5 TIMES!!! A year ago, I thought it was impossible. So, keep up the good work guys! Work on yourself, and don’t give up hope!

TL;DR : Fell in love, sex is awesome again!

LINK – It may not have been the most conventional process, but I think I finally beat my PI death grip/delayed ejaculation!

by atx_iggle