Age 22 – I feel more like a person and less like a shell that’s just hiding

Made to 90 days without a fap, but I watched porn a few times during the course. I’ve come to the realization that it’s the porn doing the damage, so I’ve started hitting up /r/pornfree too- 19 days in there. I’ll do 90 days there and report back in. it’s like leveling up, now its a harder because I have less wiggle room.

For the record, I have noticed some positive changes. Hasn’t cured my depression or social anxiety but it’s helped for sure. I feel more like a person and less like a shell that’s just hiding the real me- a perverted slob. Hopefully I can erode that side of myself by staying away from the filth. Just saw my long distance gf and we had amazing sex frequently. I don’t last as long as I used to but its more intense than ever because I’m focusing on her and not lost in some fantasy bullshit playing out in my head.

Keep it up dudes and dudettes. It’s not about the magical 90 number that is somehow going to cure you when you reach it. You gotta know the parts of you that need to change most and go for it. Don’t be telling yourself oh its fine, they’re just wearing their underwear, or a swimsuit. or it’s just Facebook doesn’t count. Or i watched all my favorite scenes and didn’t jerk it, I’m making progress. Don’t lie and trick yourself here, that’s pointless. Just keep fighting it, one urge at a time. It gets easier. I’ve made the habit to not fap, and its slowly replacing the old one of fapping. Don’t bother scouring this forum looking for a trick or rule or method- every one of our situations is different. So its your unique battle, we;re all just fighting a similar enemy.

LINK – 90 Days without fapping – good, not great. Still work to do, DON’T GET LOST IN ARBITRARY RULES/NUMBERS

by doom_tree