Age 22 – I literally feel like a different person, a much better person, I am so much more happy now.

To start off, I’m 22 years old and have been masturbating since I was about 9 (started early) and did it every single day.

When I was going to school I would literally stay up until 5:00 am looking for porn videos to fap too,This addiction literally destroyed my chance of getting a good education,I barely made it through High School.

Before I began on this journey,I tried a few times with quitting my addiction and the longest I lasted was 2 weeks,I kept searching online how to quit masturbating, and all I read were these guys saying ” Only sissy Christians don’t fap,It’s normal & healthy to do,real men fap” I even had a former girlfriend tell me “Men can’t live without it” All of that discouraged me and I would be back to my old habits. I knew deep inside that PMO was destroying my life,I was having panic attacks,I was a hypochondriac,I was always tired and angry,I couldn’t think clearly all the time and I would even get nervous just going to the store due to social anxiety.

Then one day after feeling like pure hell after a session of porn & masturbating,I looked up online how to quit masturbating yet again and I ended up finding this NoFap reddit,And let me tell you – This place gave me a whole new outlook on it all,I did not feel lonely anymore knowing there were so many others out there as well who were breaking the addiction and realizing how crappy PMO can make you feel.

So how do I feel after 90 days without porn and masturbating? I literally feel like a different person, a much better person, I am so much more happy now. I’m not binging on food anymore, I have a normal sleeping pattern,I’m also working out the second I get up 6 days a week. I’m also not nearly afraid to talk to girls anymore, I’ve had a few quick chats with some girls but nothing beyond that yet. But you know what? Finding a girl is not my # 1 goal anymore,If it happens great! if not – I am not sweating it!

I still have strong sexual urges,However I know I can control them now and I will. Personally I plan to never ever watch porn or masturbate again,I never want to go back to that lifestyle. A big thanks to every one of you here!!!!!!

LINK – 90 day report

by Mosin762