Age 22 – Improved focus, chick magnetism, deeper voice, higher confidence

These 90 days have been filled with many ups and downs.

1) I started this journey in order to see what I could become. I’ve experienced many of the so called “superpowers” you could possibly think of ranging from improved focus, chick magnetism, deeper voice, higher confidence and improved athletic performance.

2) I said I was going to be honest as well. I watched porn 4 times in between days 46 and 66 but I did not masturbate. Each time I watched it I felt my self come to a place of awareness that I did not need this in my life. I am just fine without porn. I still get insanely attracted to girls around campus but it’s different. I don’t want to pile drive them like the guys in the porn do I want a genuine, heart to heart connection with these girls.

3) I am a 22 year old virgin. I feel more comfortable with myself then at any point in my life to be honest. Being a virgin is something I use to be deathly afraid to tell people but if asked if I was a virgin I would unshamelessly say yes!

4) Nofap has been great to me but it is not going to solve all your problems. You have to put in the work in order get where you want to go. I say take the nofap challenge. It will build discipline, courage and give you the energy to do other things with your life.

TL;DR….read it.

Edit 1: I appreciate all of the beautiful responses you guys have given me. I will keep going. I will keep pushing on this magical journey. Thank you all!

LINK – 90 days and I am going to be honest.

by nawlir