Age 22 – Job, new interests, my whole life has changed


It’s been 70 days and my whole life has changed.

  1. I now have a blog that i update daily
  2. I read 500 pages a day
  3. I have a job as a security guard
  4. I had a girlfriend but i actually broke up with her and she wanted me back. (I ended it because she brought illegal drugs in my car)
  5. I did door to door sales and made money
  6. My relationship with God has gotten 10 ten times better

My advice for nofap is this: just do it.

I am 22 years old, i have studied sexual transmutation for years and a few years ago i found this forum. I lurked for sometime before i decided to sign up for an account and start a badge.

LINK – The journey of 90 days starts with the first day

By Successed