Age 22 – More confident, lower voice, and I have my first girlfriend

  • This is my second time hitting 90. Last time I relapsed at 91, this time I intend to go for 180+.
  • I have adapted to the improved life of nofap, and understand the frustration of those who have stayed the course for so long that it feels “normal”, without recognizing that this is a better normal: if you want to continue to enjoy the sensation of self-improvement, you must continue to improve.
  • Thus, my next 90 days is going to include nofap as a given, but add a few more challenges:
  • No pornography.
  • No smoking.
  • No drinking.

The latter will be on-par, if not beyond the difficult of nofap, as I am a 22 year old senior in college, and all of my friends drink daily. I really, really think I need to tackle this, and as all of my attempts at moderation have failed.

Anyway, the positives of the report:

  1. In my first 90 day streak last year, I met my first girlfriend on day 58, and we now been together for a year. This would have been impossible without nofap.
  2. Speaking to girls is easier than ever. My voice is lower, and I am generally more confident than I used to be in all social situations.
  3. For whatever reason (my guess being pheromones), attractive girls I used to think beyond me seem to be attracted to me.

I wrote a much more inspiring post last year, when I was on hard-mode, with this key paragraph:

What I want to communicate from all this is that if you find yourself stuck alone on a night which you had hoped to see girls, you should view this as an opportunity rather than a curse; for not masturbating will not in of itself make you a brilliant person – it will certainly send your confidence through the roof, but it alone will not transform you into the man (or girl) you wish to be. It is phenomenal to feel no shame – but nofap can bring you to infinitely higher plateaus which will not only leave you without anything to be ashamed of, but will leave you with a self to be proud of.

Anyway, now that I’ve hit 90 days twice, I am ready for higher plateaus.

Cheers and feel free to ask anything,


LINK – 90 Day, Brief Report

by jimmybda3



69 days of nofap; for 3 Chrismases since I started I have had a girlfriend to 69 with.

This is jovial post in the holiday spirit, as I have pretty much been in fine spirits (with the occasional flatline) since starting nofap in 2013. Since then I have had 90-151 day streaks, and am currently on what I hope will be my ‘endless’ streak.

Anyway, I had never had a girlfriend until starting started nofap, and lo and behold I had to find one when I stopped fucking myself daily (it really is not difficult to understand the motivistic power of nofap).